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The Return of The Name YHWH

I+AMIf in a few decades Christians all streams in Indonesia using the Bible translation Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia (LAI) which is also recognized by the Roman Catholic Church, in the past five years in Indonesia published three new versions of the Scriptures in the Indonesian language, namely:

(1) “New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures” (KS-TDB), published by Jehovah’s Witnesses (1999);

(2) “Holy Bible Torah and the Gospel” (KS-2000) issued by Jeshua Bet Hamasiah (2000); and

(3) “People Testament Scripture God” (KS-UPT) issued by the Network of Churches glorify Yahweh’s name (2002).

All three want to restore the name of Jehovah / Yahweh / Yahweh in the Bible, God’s name is considered to be glorified and should not be translated.

“People Testament Scripture God” (KS-UPT) published by the “Network of Churches glorify Yahweh’s name” (Jakarta, 2002) and noted that the translation is part of a movement of the Holy Spirit, and inspired “The Scriptures” (The Institute of ScriptureResearch, South Africa). Another source is “The Word of Yahweh” (Assembly of God, Eaton Rapids, USA). Both bring back the name “Yahweh,” and aim to support the “Movement Glorify Back Name Yahweh,” with the intention to remember the Lord’s covenant people, calling themselves the name of God and glorify it as you see fit to mention and eminent hereditary (Kel.3: 13 -15).

KS-unit and the source tradition deflect blame rules set out the Word of God, namely:

(1) Orthodox Judaism, which changed the name of YHWH (tatragrammaton) with Adonai (Lord or employer);

(2) the Septuagint, which changed the name YHWH with Kurios (considered equal to Adonai); and

(3) The New Testament also write the name YHWH with Kurios and Aramaic into Mariah.

Mentioned later that the purpose of calling and glorify back the name “Yahweh” as an attempt to “back to the Bible.” Theological reason stated is:

(1) God introduces himself as the name “Yahweh” (Kel.3: 13-15);

(2) The name of Yahweh himself written 7000 times in Scripture;

(3) Safety only because of the name Yahweh (Yl.2: 32; Rm.10: 13); and

(4) It is possible the name of Yahweh appeared in the New Testament.

KS-UPT using the name of Yahweh and not Jehovah to differentiate themselves with the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and do not use YHWH (Hebrew) that is not difficult to read the name of it, and the pronunciation of the name Yahweh is not too far from the original.

How do we look at the new version back to confuse the majority of the Christians?There are two considerations, namely as “ethical” and “theological”. By “ethical”, KS-UPT is a work of plagiarism that uses the Bible as the basis LAI by changing the name of Jehovah (YHWH) with Yahweh and Allah replaced the name of the Lord. It’s not relevant that the movement claiming to come from the Holy Spirit and want to glorify the name of Yahweh it can perform actions that are so low by copying LAI translation that has been spent so great expense and involve many theologians it without asking for permission. In the midst of promoting copyright law in Indonesia, the followers of Yahweh actually did act improperly so that begs the question, is it worth them clicking “on behalf of” right Yahweh? Such behavior “glorifies” or “embarrass” the name of Yahweh?

By “theological” heresy properties indicated they consider themselves the most correct and blame all the streams which do not agree her. Both Jewish orthodox, Septuagint, until PB is considered off (but are considered to deviate as published LAI traced granted).

Indeed there are Jewish groups because of the fear of one’s name and then call it as Adonai YHWH but in the Bible it does not blame God unless they use God’s name in vain, so instead of pronunciation the name, but the embodiment of the essence of the name of the blame! Remember, proper name YHWH not name himself the only one, because there are other proper name is “El” and although it was introduced to Moses, the name of self-El was also used even by Isaiah (Yes.43: 10-12). Compare “El, Elohe Yisrael” (Kej.31: 13; 33: 20; 46: 3) with “YHWH, Elohe Yisrael” (Kel.20: 2; 32: 27; Yos.8: 30) in which two names self “El” and “YHWH” is aligned.

Be aware that the “proper name YHWH” was introduced to Moses in the wilderness (Kel.6: 1-2) and previous self name used is “El” (Kej.17: 1, including Kel.3: 13-15) ,When KS-UPT honest, be aware that the tetragrammaton before Kel.6: 1-2, actually are the changes made at that time that they did not feel comfortable if Yahweh only be “God of Israel who brought them out of Egypt”, then later the name was is also used to call the Lord of mankind (Kej.4: 26, Enos means “man”), and furthermore it is claimed to be the name of the name of his Lord of heaven and earth (Kej.2: 4).

Proper name of God in the OT is mentioned as “El” and “Yahweh” and even Elohim and Eloah is the name for God, but occasionally also used as a proper name of God.Likewise Adonai means “proper name of the Lord” (to avoid designation YHWH), “the title of God”, or the designation is limited to “sir.” Error KS-UPT is confounds the name “El” with “YHWH” and El / Elohim / Eloah (Allah) is translated as “God.” As a result of that exalts the name Yahweh did not obey God’s name because they do not want to call God by the name “El” when this name originally used of God in Kel.3: 13-15 (Comp.Kel.6: 1-2) and aligned with the name Yahweh (El Elohe Yisrael = Yahweh Elohe Yisrael).

The attitude of “anti name El ’cause KS-UPT clumsy in the translation. Examples greeting Thomas: “My Lord (Kurios) and my God (Theos)!” (Yoh.20: 28, LAI), KS-UPT translates: “My Lord and my gods!”. Look at this recognition in light PL: “O my God (Elohim) and Lord (Adonai)! … Yahweh (YHWH) My God (Elohim) “(Mzm.35: 23-24, KJV), KS-UPT This translates into:” Oh my gods and my God! … Yes my Lord Yahweh. ”

Thomas case shows that if the Greek Septuagint and NT-distinguished between “Kurios” (YHWH and Adonai) with “Theos” (El / Elohim / Eloah) agreed in Indonesian by LAI be “LORD” (YHWH) and “God” (Adonai), and “God” (El / Elohim / Eloah), as well as recognition of Thomas and Psalm distinguish, KS-UPT translate it chaotic.

In John 20:28, kurios is translated “God” and “Theos is translated” gods “, but in Mzm.35: 23 Elohim is translated” gods “and in verse 24, the Elohim is translated” God “! El Shadai (Kej.17: 1; Kel.6: 2, God almighty, LAI) is translated “God Almighty”, El Elyon (Bil.24: 16, the God) is translated “God Most High”, El Olam (Kej.21: 33, the Eternal God, LAI) is translated “God is Eternal”, and El Bethel (Kej.16: 33, God of Bethel, LAI) is translated “God is in Bethel”, but “El Elohe Yisrael (Kej.33: 20, God is the God of Israel, LAI) is translated “the Most High God of Israel” (here El translated the Most High and Elohim translated God).

To avoid name El / Elohim / Eloah is the Arabic word “God”, KS-UPT translating God (El / Elohim / Theos Eloah in the OT and NT) to God, but it is inevitable that the name “Bethel” (beth el, home El) forced not translated and accepted as “betel” too, as well as “El Roi” (Kej.16: 13, God saw, LAI) remains written as “El Roi.” So the name El accepted also, just as the name “Immanuel” (Mat.1: 23; Yes.7: 14; 8: 8, God is with us, LAI) but translated means “God with us” (El translated God).

Even if there are Orthodox Jewish groups that replace “the name of Yahweh be Adonai” we need to realize there is also a group of orthodox Jews who renames El / Elohim / Eloah / Adonai be Yahweh! KS-UPT replace some of the name “Adonai” suspected of Yahweh be Yahweh (Kel.15: 17), and thus open the possibility that some name “Adonai” is modified by the Orthodox Jews of the word Yahweh is not restored (Yes.6: 1, 8), mean KS-Unit in its efforts to exalt the name of Yahweh also some times does not translate Yahweh as Yahweh. A clear example can be read in the name of “Yah Yahweh” translated “Lord Yahweh” (Yes.12: 2; 26: 4), “Well” is translated as the proper name of the Lord God.

Such cases will be more clearly seen in the use of the name of Yahweh in the NT. As it is known that in the original script (Greek) PB, only found one name Yahweh is in line Hallelujah (Why.19: 1,3,4) Which means “praise Yah” (if consistent, “praise the Lord” in verse: 5 should be replaced “Praise Yah” as well), but the KS-UPT translate many words Kurios be Yahweh, when Kurios it in the context of the Septuagint could mean “Yahweh” (LORD) or Adonai “(Personal Name of God, the name of the Lord, or Master).

Witnesses who belong to exalt the name of Yahweh translate PB 237 in the name of Yahweh, many of whom followed by KS-UPT, but most are not followed (al Mrk.5: 19; 13: 20; Luk.1: 9.28; 2: 15 ). This means there is a possibility that the actual Kurios means Yahweh simply translated as God in the KS-UPT. That KS-UPT also does not restore some words of Yahweh means they also do not survive according to criteria of their own.

What about the Septuagint and the New Testament? The Septuagint was translated by the 70 elders (LXX) sent by the Jewish high priest Eliezer, and the results are sanctioned Jewish leaders so LXX used the Jews in the synagogue (except in the temple where used Hebrew for the Hebrew scriptures because only shaped die (consonant) without vocals so it is not used as a spoken language) and is used by the first Christian community. In the NT there is no impression that “God’s voice from heaven” blame the use of “Kurios” but the blame was “doing his will” (Mat.7: 21).

Jesus himself read the translation of the Septuagint in Luk.4: 18-19 and not a translation Massoret, compare this with the translation Yes.61: PL-LAI 1-2 in the form of a copy of the Masoretic text. So use Kurios translation for “proper name” God sanctioned by God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Spirit that meets the Apostles so that they can convey the word of God (including the name of God himself) into other languages including Arabic (Kis.2: 4).

KS-UPT call that salvation comes from the mention of “God’s name tetragrammaton themselves properly”. Where the name of God and the name should YHWH? Which is the most appropriate designation for tetragrammaton? YHWH, Yahweh, Yahweh, Jehovah, or Jehovah? Everything is not the same. Indeed, Romans 10:13 reads: “For whoever calls on the name of God (Greek: kurios), will be saved,” but Matthew 7:21 reads: “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord! (Greek: Kurios) will enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. “What can be called to do the will of the Father when KS-UPT is pirated texts (even mention Yahweh)? Outside the knowledge and permission of the copyright owner? (LAI).

Indeed, the nature of heresy had a narrow view of fanaticism which assume that the small group of survivors themselves and Christian groups that the majority (the Apostles, the Fathers of the Church, the pastors, evangelists and Christians throughout the world, who number around one billion since the first century ), all of them did not survive because it does not use the name tetragrammaton. Jesus himself in his life did not mention the name of God the Father with tetragrammaton but with the proper name “El” (while on the cross) and was named by the Father with the name “El is with us.”

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