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An almost absurd question how can humans change God’s time? God always goes on in His plan and time in this world, who is human? who can change God’s time. Are we among those who wait for God’s time? There have been thousands of years in this world, as long as that sin remains. The devil and his accomplices have never fallen asleep to rule the world and mislead many people.

Believers wonder, when is the day of the coming of the Lord? Is God temporarily delaying judgment? Are we among those who are changing God’s time? extend or shorten his time?

God has time to carry out His will, fulfill His Word, Do we also have the ability to change God’s time? The Gospel of John 2: 1-5 tells about; On the third day there was a marriage at Cana in Galilee, and Jesus’ mother was there; Jesus and His disciples were also invited to the marriage.

When they lacked wine, Jesus’ mother said to Him: “They ran out of wine, Jesus said to him:” What do you want from me, mother? When I have not arrived. “But Jesus’ mother said to the servants:” What is said to you, make it! “There were six jars provided for washing according to the custom of the Jews, each containing two three jars. Jesus said to the servants: “Fill the jars full of water.” And they filled them to the brim.

There are three things to change God’s time:

1). Love

What is love? Love in the human or divine sense is the deepest form of personality as well as the closest and closest personal relationship. It may be easier to write and talk about love than to do it. But Mary taught us how the application of love in her faith could change God’s plan. When the marriage in Cana lasted they ran out of wine, Mary the mother of Jesus was part of this family and of course so was Jesus, Mary knew who Jesus was but there was a difference of interest here between Mary and Jesus, when Mary told Jesus that they were running out of wine.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, loved the family of the bride so much, she did not want them to be humiliated in front of invited guests so she had to encourage Jesus to declare His glory, perhaps a subtle rebuke to His mother, “Do you want me, Mother? when I have not arrived “, the rebuke does not make Maria discouraged. Verse 3 states that he came as a loving mother to the family of the bride and received her rebuke lovingly, John 15:12 says: “This is my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you, and verse 5 declares Mary to come as a faithful person who believes in God. In his words to servants; “What is said to you, make it!” We can see here that love can change His time God, when Mary loved the family of the bride, Jesus changed His time and performed the first miracle in Cana because He loved His mother and family bride.

There are various kinds of problems in life, which make us ask, when is my time restored? When will I be blessed by God? We always ask God, but we never ask ourselves when we love God. We will not be able to change God’s time for our lives to be better if we never have that love. And that character of love is clearly illustrated in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.

The fall of man in sin does not necessarily eliminate God’s love for humans, but God designs human salvation on a large scale through Jesus. John 3:16 says; Because God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

2). Believe

The verb in Indonesian “PERCAYA” in Hebrew is אָמַן – ‘AMAN, verb which is the basic word. In Greek the word PERCAYA is: πιστευω – PISTEUÔ, verb, this word comes from πεiθω – PEITÔ, verb. Trust / belief is a noun, in religious terms often referred to as “FAITH”, noun / noun. The word IMAN according to the large Indonesian dictionary is: belief and trust in God, prophets, books, or determination; determination and equanimity.

In this case we see that Jesus’ mother was so full of confidence that Jesus was able to solve the problems that occurred at that time, this personal relationship between mother and child was one of the things that triggered Maria to have firm beliefs, even though the answers received were a subtle form of rejection. but the basis of this belief dismantling Jesus’ defense in his official path that actually “when I have not arrived”.

One of the things that so many Christians face is the problem “Before I see it, I don’t believe it”. So that the problems faced only arrive at the logic and way of thinking we are wrong and can never solve the problem, the concept of surrendering or surrendering fully to Jesus has never been done, all only collided with human logic itself. Hebrews 11: 1 says; Faith is the basis of everything we hope for and evidence of things that we do not see.

We do not need concrete proof for a miracle to happen, all we need is faith or the basis of trust that we hope for where we do not or have not seen it. Miracles in Cana are the first miraculous deeds on the basis of a mother’s faith, to change God’s time.

this is one of the things that can change God’s time for us, no matter what our current problems are. God only asks for full trust or surrender fully to Him, let Him complete everything and do not limit His power to our logic, then we will see miraculous things that will happen in our lives.

3). Act

This act or action when dealing with the issue of Marriage in Cana is very clear, that it is not enough to love this family and believe Jesus is able to solve this problem, but Jesus’ mother instructed the servants to do what Jesus would command to do.

This is a pretty crazy problem when measured by human logic where in reality empty jars are filled with water and then brought to the party leader and served to the invitees, we see here faith works together with actions (James 2:13), if only the servants did not do what Jesus commanded, would that miracle happen?

Often we become the opposite of those servants, so much we read and hear about the truth of God’s word but in reality to obey it requires a very long time and maybe for the rest of our lives we never obey? Don’t be surprised if miracles have never happened in our lives, our lives are mediocre, the economy in the family has never been increased, which is always only a problem and a problem that never ends.

Do we realize that we are temporarily washed away from God? only because of our actions that do not want to obey God. And maybe we think while dancing to please God with love and faith in the church community or prayer meeting or Christian institutions that are financially protected, in fact we never step out of our place and just look for a safe and comfortable place.

Mary, the mother of Jesus and the servants felt uncomfortable with the problems that were taking place in front of them, they loved the family of the bride, they believed Jesus was the way out, and they were obedient to what Jesus commanded, this would change God’s time for our lives.


Suatu pertanyaan yang hampir tidak masuk akal bagaimana mungkin manusia bisa mengubah waktunya Tuhan? Tuhan senantiasa berjalan dalam rencana dan waktu-Nya di dalam dunia ini, siapakah manusia? yang bisa mengubah waktunya Tuhan. Apakah kita termasuk orang-orang yang menunggu waktunya Tuhan? Sudah ribuan Tahun dunia ini ada, sepanjang itu juga dosa tetap ada. Iblis dan antek-anteknya tidak pernah tertidur untuk menguasai dunia ini dan menyesatkan banyak orang.

Orang percaya bertanya-tanya, kapan hari kedatangan Tuhan itu? Apakah Allah sementara menunda penghakiman? Apakah kita termasuk orang-orang yang sedang mengubah waktunya Tuhan? memperpanjang atau memperpendek waktu-Nya?

Allah punya waktu untuk melaksanakan kehendak-Nya, menggenapi Firman-Nya, Apakah kita juga punya kemampuan untuk mengubah waktunya Tuhan?  Injil Yohanes 2:1-5 menceritakan tentang;  Pada hari ketiga ada perkawinan di Kana yang di Galilea, dan ibu Yesus ada di situ; Yesus dan murid-murid-Nya diundang juga ke perkawinan itu. 

Ketika mereka kekurangan anggur, ibu Yesus berkata kepada-Nya: “Mereka kehabisan anggur, Kata Yesus kepadanya: “Mau apakah engkau dari pada-Ku, ibu? Saat Ku belum tiba. “Tetapi ibu Yesus berkata kepada pelayan-pelayan: “Apa yang dikatakan kepadamu, buatlah itu!” Di situ ada enam tempayan yang disediakan untuk pembasuhan menurut adat orang Yahudi, masing-masing isinya dua tiga buyung.Yesus berkata kepada pelayan-pelayan itu: “Isilah tempayan-tempayan itu penuh dengan air.” Dan mereka pun mengisinya sampai penuh.

Ada 3 hal untuk mengubah waktunya Tuhan:

1). Kasih

Apakah kasih itu? Kasih dalam pengertian insani atau pun ilahi merupakan bentuk ungkapan yang paling dalam dari kepribadian sekaligus hubungan pribadi paling akrab dan paling dekat. Mungkin lebih mudah menulis dan membicarakan tentang kasih ketimbang melaksanakannya. Tapi maria mengajarkan kita bagaimana penerapan kasih dalam imannya itu bisa mengubah rencana Allah. Ketika perkawinan di Kana berlangsung mereka kehabisan anggur, maria ibu Yesus adalah bagian dari keluarga ini dan tentunya demikian juga dengan Yesus, maria tahu siapa Yesus tetapi ada perbedaan kepentingan disini antara Maria dengan Yesus, ketika Maria menyatakan kepada Yesus bahwa mereka kehabisan anggur.

Maria ibu Yesus begitu mengasihi keluarga mempelai ini, dia tidak ingin mereka dipermalukan di depan tamu undangan sehingga dia harus mendorong Yesus untuk menyatakan kemuliaan-Nya, mungkin suatu teguran yang halus untuk ibu-Nya, “Mau apakah engkau dari pada-Ku, Ibu? saat Ku belum tiba”, teguran itu tidak membuat Maria tawar hati. Ayat 3 menyatakan dia datang sebagai seorang ibu yang penuh kasih terhadap keluarga mempelai dan menerima teguran anaknya itu dengan penuh kasih, Yohanes 15:12 katakan: “Inilah perintah-Ku, yaitu supaya kamu saling mengasihi, seperti Aku telah mengasihi kamu, dan ayat 5 menyatakan Maria datang sebagai seorang yang penuh iman percaya kepada Tuhan. Dalam perkataannya kepada pelayan-pelayan; “Apa yang dikatakan kepadamu, buatlah itu!” Kita bisa melihat disini bahwa kasih bisa mengubah waktu-Nya Tuhan, ketika Maria mengasihi keluarga mempelai, Yesus mengubah waktu-Nya dan melakukan mujizat yang pertama kali di Kana karena Dia mengasihi ibu-Nya dan keluarga mempelai.

Ada berbagai macam persoalan dalam hidup, yang membuat kita bertanya, kapan waktunya saya dipulihkan? Kapan saya diberkati Tuhan? Kita selalu bertanya kepada Tuhan tapi kita tidak pernah bertanya pada diri kita sendiri kapan kita mengasihi Tuhan. Kita tidak akan bisa mengubah waktu-Nya Tuhan untuk kehidupan kita menjadi lebih baik kalau kita tidak pernah memiliki kasih itu. Dan karakter kasih itu sudah tergambar jelas di dalam Kitab 1 Korintus 13:4-8.

Kejatuhan manusia dalam dosa tidak serta merta menghilangkan kasih Allah kepada manusia, tetapi Allah merancangkan keselamatan manusia secara besar-besaran melalui Yesus. Yohanes 3:16 katakan; Karena begitu besar kasih Allah akan dunia ini, sehingga Ia telah mengaruniakan Anak-Nya yang tunggal, supaya setiap orang yang percaya kepada-Nya tidak binasa melainkan beroleh hidup yang kekal.

2). Percaya

Kata kerja dalam Bahasa Indonesia “PERCAYA” dalam bahasa Ibrani adalah אָמַן – ‘AMAN, verb yang merupakan kata dasar. Dalam bahasa Yunani kata PERCAYA adalah: πιστευω – PISTEUÔ, verba, kata ini berasal dari πεiθω – PEITÔ, verba. Kepercayaan/ keyakinan adalah nomina, dalam istilah religius sering disebut dengan istilah: “IMAN”, kata benda/ noun. Kata IMAN menurut kamus besar bahasa Indonesia, adalah : keyakinan dan kepercayaan kepada Allah, nabi, kitab, atau ketetapan hati; keteguhan dan keseimbangan batin.

Dalam hal ini kita melihat bahwa ibu Yesus begitu percaya penuh bahwa Yesus sanggup menyelesaikan persoalan yang terjadi pada waktu itu, hubungan personal antara ibu dan anak ini merupakan salah satu yang memicu Maria memiliki keyakinan teguh, walaupun jawaban yang diterima merupakan suatu bentuk penolakan secara halus, tetapi dasar dari kepercayaan ini membongkar pertahanan Yesus dalam jalur resminya bahwa sebenarnya “saat-Ku belum tiba”.

Salah satu yang dihadapi begitu banyak orang Kristen adalah persoalan “Sebelum aku melihat maka aku tidak mempercayainya”. Sehingga persoalan-persoalan yang dihadapi hanya sampai di logika dan cara berpikir kita yang salah dan tak pernah bisa menyelesaikan persoalan itu, konsep untuk menyerahkan atau berserah penuh kepada Yesus tidak pernah terlaksana, semua hanya terbentur pada logika manusia itu sendiri. Ibrani 11:1 mengatakan; Iman adalah dasar dari segala sesuatu yang kita harapkan dan bukti dari segala sesuatu yang tidak kita lihat.

Kita tidak perlu pembuktian yang konkrit untuk suatu mujizat bisa terjadi, yang kita butuhkan adalah iman atau dasar kepercayaan yang kita harapkan di mana kita tidak atau belum melihatnya. Mujizat di Kana adalah perbuatan ajaib yang pertama atas dasar iman seorang ibu, untuk mengubah waktunya Tuhan. inilah salah satu hal yang bisa mengubah waktunya Tuhan untuk kita, tidak peduli apa pun persoalan kita saat ini. Tuhan hanya meminta percaya penuh atau berserah penuh pada-Nya, ijinkan Dia menyelesaikan semuanya dan jangan batasi kuasa-Nya dengan logika kita, maka kita akan melihat perkara-perkara yang ajaib akan terjadi di dalam kehidupan kita.

3). Perbuatan

Perbuatan atau tindakan ketika menghadapi persoalan Perkawinan di Kana ini sangat jelas sekali, bahwa tidak cukup sampai mengasihi keluarga ini dan percaya Yesus sanggup menyelesaikan persoalan ini, tetapi ibu Yesus menginstruksikan kepada pelayan-pelayan untuk melakukan apa yang akan diperintah oleh Yesus supaya dilakukan.

Ini persoalan yang cukup gila kalau diukur dengan logika manusia di mana kenyataannya tempayan-tempayan kosong cukup di isi dengan air kemudian dibawa kepada pemimpin pesta dan dihidangkan kepada para undangan, kita melihat di sini iman bekerja bersama perbuatan (Yakobus 2:13), jika saja para pelayan tidak melakukan apa yang diperintahkan Yesus, apakah mujizat itu akan terjadi?

Seringkali kita menjadi kebalikan dari para pelayan itu, begitu banyak kita baca dan dengar tentang kebenaran firman Tuhan tetapi pada kenyataannya untuk menaatinya memerlukan waktu yang sangat lama dan mungkin juga seumur hidup kita tak pernah taat? Jangan heran kalau mujizat tidak pernah terjadi dalam kehidupan kita, kehidupan kita yang biasa-biasa saja, ekonomi dalam keluarga tidak pernah ada peningkatan, yang selalu ada hanya masalah dan masalah yang tak pernah habisnya.

Sadarkah bahwa kita sementara terhanyut meninggalkan Tuhan? hanya karena perbuatan kita yang tidak mau taat kepada Tuhan. Dan mungkin kita berpikir sementara menari-nari menyenangkan hati Tuhan dengan penuh kasih dan iman dalam suatu komunitas gereja atau persekutuan doa atau pun lembaga-lembaga Kristen yang terlindungi secara finansial, sesungguhnya kita tidak pernah melangkah meninggalkan tempat kita dan hanya mencari tempat aman dan nyaman.

Maria ibu Yesus dan para pelayan merasa tidak nyaman dengan persoalan yang sementara berlangsung di hadapan mereka, mereka mengasihi keluarga mempelai, mereka percaya Yesus adalah jalan keluar, dan mereka mau taat apa yang Tuhan Yesus perintahkan, inilah yang akan mengubah waktu-Nya Tuhan bagi kehidupan kita.


We can be successful or destroyed because of our habits, we will be what we repeatedly do. As the writer Samuel Smiles said: Sprinkle a thought, you will reap deeds; Sprinkle an action, then you will reap the habit; Sprinkle a habit, then you will reap character; Sprinkle a character, then you will reap fate.

We can predict Indonesia’s destiny in the next 20 years if the thoughts, actions, habits and character of Indonesia’s young generation as we see today. Indonesia is the most plural country in the world, plural means plural. From Sabang to Merauke, thousands of islands, with hundreds of languages, tribes with their own cultural customs, and almost all religions in the world also exist. So it is clear that Indonesia can only unite if pluralism is recognized.

Any attempt to generalize all with a cultural or religious pattern is the same as the domination of some citizens over others and will surely result in the destruction of Indonesia. Indonesia is too big to maintain its unit only by forced methods.

Each group and its free components live according to their own ideals, but none of them can impose their ideals or beliefs on others. Behind that, all the many national problems that arise include: the problem of Community Service Program which is a disease of the nation. The practice of KKN which has become a legacy of the colonial government where “power is privillege”. Collusion of rulers and entrepreneurs that have been going on for a long time. The practice of KKN has brought the nation to a slump in a multidimensional crisis.

This heavy problem may not make this nation surrender. Through reform, youth must make continuous, directed and gradual changes. The desire to reach the aspirations of the nation never stops from obstacles. In addition, both of them think about what needs to be done together in responding to the disaster that often occurs in Indonesia and the “economic disaster” which seems quite severe.

In an article, Eka Darmaputera said, “The younger generation seems to only have three choices in facing the status quo and establishment around them, that is, running away, drifting away, or becoming very reactive and aggressive.” Existing conditions do not provide space for the younger generation both to present their independence authentically and to grow creatively. Every human needs life space and space.

When almost all entrances have been closed, the younger generation will enter the doors that are still open to them. Some enter the door of luxury and enjoyment, some who cannot afford to just wait for opportunities outside the door, slumped in fatalism. Some who are not able and impatient will become even radical thugs.

Can we create a condition and atmosphere that allows the younger generation to develop their own potential as optimally as possible, providing space for movement, encouragement and opportunity. And this is only possible if we give them the possibility to actualize themselves and express their independence.

The younger generation is now driven and hunted to pursue success in an external and material sense. Achieve the highest position, have as much wealth as possible, enjoy the maximum luxury and pleasure. More success is determined by what you have? Not what you are? By how much you have is not how good you are?

In today’s society, characters such as honesty, integrity, morality, courage and so on are closing many doors of opportunity and possibility. Instead of that, success opened wide almost all doors. How can people not be tempted? The younger generation is now allowed to grow in a world without character. Circumstances where solidarity on the basis of humanity is undergoing a very rapid shift. Awareness of narrow-minded groups is increasingly fertile.

We know that aside from the shift from the culture of oral communication to the culture of written communication, another powerful change emerged, namely the presence of Multimedia where the use of computers to present and combine text, sound, images, animations and videos with tools and connections (links) so that users can navigate, interact, work and communicate (Hofstetter 2001). Multimedia is often used in the entertainment world. Aside from the world of entertainment, Multimedia is also adopted by the game world.

Multimedia can also be interpreted as the use of several different media in conveying information in the form of text, audio, graphics, animation, video and the Internet. This communication media apparently influenced the mindset, emotions and behavior of young people in a striking and strong way, they saw many events that happened and imitated the styles of young people in other countries or other places they like.

Young people respond to this often express themselves through their daily actions or performances that they try to show public space. Under these circumstances young people massively consume everything they love, for example lifestyle, clothing and cosmetics products that symbolize a collection or an event that they find interesting or challenging, as a symbol of movement and togetherness.

The role of Christian youth in this case, must bring themselves humbly, know themselves, be ready to be reprimanded, ready to learn, who is asked to be held accountable and ready to improve themselves. People who really know about God, also know how their own understanding including their understanding of their own religion is very limited. He must be humble and not arrogant.

The emergence of awareness that we need to form an adequate attitude of faith in answering the reality of the color of life, we must state that the search for an adult and honest attitude towards pluralism is a must of one’s own faith. Relevant the Christian faith in the midst of the life of the nation and the Republic of Indonesia as a young generation, this means how we can increase perseverance in honesty and be able to hone every potential that we have and channel creativity, dynamics, and idealism as the nation’s young generation able to be present and play a role in the development of his nation.

Playing a role in nation building means that you have to be able to determine in every process of social change and shifting values ​​in society, and not just joining in. They are also part of the body of Christ, and there is no part of the body that can remain healthy if one of its members is separated and set aside. If we separate young people, we will not only lose everything they have to be taught to us, but we also unwise teach them that the church is only for adults and those who are married and have their own families.

Then, we wonder why they are not involved in the church as students or single young people? whereas in reality, it is we who have told them all this time that the church is not yet a place for them, when we serve a generation that craves meaning, we will not lose sight of the reality that what young people need is Jesus, and that He is fully given in the church community, which is the most important part that we must imitate, the Character of Christ!

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