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Holy Communion, Sacrifice or Sacrament?


The Lord Jesus commanded His church to do two sacraments. Which one is the Baptism and the second is the Lord’s Supper. What the will of God from the understanding of the Lord’s Supper. Historical story that happened in the past, making us better understand what happened and why it happened. Starting in 1555 until […]

The Law of God


Part of the way a living sacrifice to God practically described in the Book of Romans 13. We have learned how to serve God with our spiritual gifts and how we should live like in the Book of Romans 12. In Romans 13 we are taught obedience to the government and how we can love […]

The Book of Deuteronomy


Author: Moses Theme: Renewal Agreements Posting Date: Around 1405 BC Background This book contains the message of Moses parting the return which he review and renew the covenant of God with Israel for the sake of Israel’s new army. They have now reached the end of the wanderings in the wilderness and ready entry into […]


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