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The Trinity History (2)


Is it true that there is the influence of Babylonian and Egyptian mythology of the doctrine of the Trinity as proposed by Jehovah’s Witnesses? This view believe in the theory of evolution a religion that considered that the concept of polytheism Mesopotamia evolved into Hebrew monotheism. In the teaching of evolution of religion actually figure […]

Parallelism and Imageri, in Hebrew Poetry


Parallelism Parallelism is the adjustment that exists between some words from a poem sentence. A full parallelism is called a row. Each line contains 2, sometimes 3, 4 or more (rarely) clause poetry. Paragraph 2 clause that has called bicolon; 3 clause called tricolon. Poetry sentence with one clause also exists and is called monocola. […]

The Genre Psalmbook


Genre Psalm is a group of the same verses in the mood, content, structure or wording. Here are 7 kinds of genre Psalms, along with the factors that need to be considered when studying the psalms 1. Praise Psalm: Easily recognizable by joyful words addressed to God. The psalmist express all his feelings with joy over […]