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Sect in Judaism


1. Parish (Pharisees) Parish in the language means a solitary and split sect. This naming is given by their enemies. The Pharisees themselves call themselves “Godly Ones”, which means religious pastors or brothers in God’s way. As for the Pharisees’ teachings and attitudes: • Reaffirms that the Torah with the Five Books of Moses was […]

The Book of Deuteronomy


Author: Moses Theme: Renewal Agreements Posting Date: Around 1405 BC Background This book contains the message of Moses parting the return which he review and renew the covenant of God with Israel for the sake of Israel’s new army. They have now reached the end of the wanderings in the wilderness and ready entry into […]

Homosexuality in the Bible


Does the Bible say about homosexuality? For those who disagree are many verses in the Old Testament and New Testament that can be taken, but for those who agree that the same verses interpreted lighter or otherwise be construed as an endorsement. Since the beginning of the Bible speaks of the existence of two kinds, […]