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Functional Church


Functional understanding of the church is reflected by the term church as organism. It is intended to see how the church as a community should God’s people who have organized themselves to carry out their functions. According to Avery Dulles, organizations (institutions ) is a model that emphasizes the church as a visible element characteristics […]

Managing Time


Each person was given the opportunity to live only once. Every day we are given the same amount of time. Therefore we should think more about quality than quantity in his time. The Time is no more than a wave of events. Humans long ago to measure time by the publication of the Sun or […]

Being God’s chosen people


A variety of responses, opinions and commentaries about Jesus. Every generation of Christians trying to explore the meaning of Christ, and each of his shows through notions suitable for the age and culture. Thus there is described Jesus as a principal askese (resist, resist bodily passions systematically), as well as patients, kings, knights, superstar, capitalists, socialists, […]