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The Book of Deuteronomy


Author: Moses Theme: Renewal Agreements Posting Date: Around 1405 BC Background This book contains the message of Moses parting the return which he review and renew the covenant of God with Israel for the sake of Israel’s new army. They have now reached the end of the wanderings in the wilderness and ready entry into […]

The Book of Numbers


Author: Moses Theme: Wandering in the Wilderness Date of Writing: 1405 BC + Background The title of this book first appeared in manuscript versions of Greek and Latin and the census was taken of the two Israeli men are recorded in the book (chapters 1, 26; Num Num 1:1-54 and 26:1-65). However, most of this […]

The Book of Leviticus


Author: Moses Theme: Holiness Date of Writing: 1445 – 1405 BC Background Leviticus is closely related to the book of Exodus. Exodus records how Israel was redeemed from Egypt, received the law of God, and to build the Tabernacle according to the pattern of God, Exodus ends with the arrival of the Holy to stay […]