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Basic Temperament In The Service


Temperament is a combination of innate characteristics that are unconsciously affect a person’s behavior. These characteristics are derived based on nationality, race, sex (gender), and other hereditary factors. These traits passed on by genes (plasma carrier of the trait). Character (the character) is the result of your innate temperament is shaped by childhood education, school […]

Regeneration in the Service


What is meant by regeneration here is the effort to prepare the next generation to continue the ministry or Christian fellowship in accordance with the vision and mission of God. Why should we need to think about, even the labors of regeneration? The trend change of generations can lead to spiritual decline. If they do […]

Being God’s chosen people


A variety of responses, opinions and commentaries about Jesus. Every generation of Christians trying to explore the meaning of Christ, and each of his shows through notions suitable for the age and culture. Thus there is described Jesus as a principal askese (resist, resist bodily passions systematically), as well as patients, kings, knights, superstar, capitalists, socialists, […]