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Change God’s Time


An almost absurd question how can humans change God’s time? God always goes on in His plan and time in this world, who is human? who can change God’s time. Are we among those who wait for God’s time? There have been thousands of years in this world, as long as that sin remains. The […]

True Revolutionary


Jesus Christ was a true revolutionary, a revolutionary tend to require thorough and fundamental change and has proven this time, he does not use weapons or violence on the contrary he was a revolutionary in love. His revolution is done through the ministry of salvation not even result in the destruction. His teaching is the […]

The Law of God


Part of the way a living sacrifice to God practically described in the Book of Romans 13. We have learned how to serve God with our spiritual gifts and how we should live like in the Book of Romans 12. In Romans 13 we are taught obedience to the government and how we can love […]