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The Inner Circle


Life is so hard always comes in the life of every person, whether it’s old, young, big, small, child or adult it will not be overlooked and sometimes devastated building one’s life, family or community, especially when the foundation of our life is only built upon a pile of sand then the tree of life […]

Birth of Christ


Christ was born in the year 5 BC in a small town called Bethlehem. He was not born in a palace but in the sheepfold, and the bed was not the cradle of silk but the manger full of hay. This is the birth of a very simple and contempt for him who is the […]

Basin Grace


Jerusalem, …. Passover feast when crowded with visitors, students enter one by one each took place around the table. On the wall hung a towel on the floor and no pitcher and basin. Anyone among the disciples to offer to perform the task, but no one stood. A few minutes later, Jesus stood up and took off his […]