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The word “Church” is a loan word from Arabic, according to a large Indonesian dictionary is ‘the set of the people’. Is synonymous with the word ‘Church’ is derived from the Portuguese ‘igreja’ is the word that is absorbed from the Portuguese. The word ‘church / church’ in the original Greek New Testament Bible was […]

Holy Communion, Sacrifice or Sacrament?


The Lord Jesus commanded His church to do two sacraments. Which one is the Baptism and the second is the Lord’s Supper. What the will of God from the understanding of the Lord’s Supper. Historical story that happened in the past, making us better understand what happened and why it happened. Starting in 1555 until […]

The Book of Leviticus


Author: Moses Theme: Holiness Date of Writing: 1445 – 1405 BC Background Leviticus is closely related to the book of Exodus. Exodus records how Israel was redeemed from Egypt, received the law of God, and to build the Tabernacle according to the pattern of God, Exodus ends with the arrival of the Holy to stay […]