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Sect in Judaism


1. Parish (Pharisees) Parish in the language means a solitary and split sect. This naming is given by their enemies. The Pharisees themselves call themselves “Godly Ones”, which means religious pastors or brothers in God’s way. As for the Pharisees’ teachings and attitudes: • Reaffirms that the Torah with the Five Books of Moses was […]

Sekte-Sekte dalam Agama Yahudi


1. Parisi (Pharisees) Parisi secara bahasa artinya sekte yang menyendiri dan berpecah. Penamaan ini diberikan oleh musuh-musuh mereka. Orang-orang Parisi sendiri menyebut diri mereka dengan “Godly Ones”, yang berarti pendeta-pendeta agama atau saudara-saudara pada jalan Tuhan. Adapun ajaran-ajaran dan sikap hidup orang-orang Parisi:   Meyakini bahwa Taurat dengan the Five Books of Moses telah diciptakan […]

Analysis of Words, Sentences, Paragraphs and Basic Rules in Conducting Hermeneutics


Make Syntax (Diagram According to Grammar): Many parts of the Bible, especially those in the form of letters, use long, elusive phrases. For example Ephesians 1: 3-14, in the original is a sentence consisting of 202 words; Romans 1: 1-7 is also a long sentence of 93 words. Therefore we use one method to analyze […]