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Change God’s Time


An almost absurd question how can humans change God’s time? God always goes on in His plan and time in this world, who is human? who can change God’s time. Are we among those who wait for God’s time? There have been thousands of years in this world, as long as that sin remains. The […]

Generation without Character


We can be successful or destroyed because of our habits, we will be what we repeatedly do. As the writer Samuel Smiles said: Sprinkle a thought, you will reap deeds; Sprinkle an action, then you will reap the habit; Sprinkle a habit, then you will reap character; Sprinkle a character, then you will reap fate. […]

Intergenerational Gap


A difficult and frequent relationship is the relationship between parents and unmarried children. lack of communication because external influences are stronger than internal relationships in the family, causing relationships with the most familiar people like parents often to be damaged. Many unmarried Christian youths hate their mothers and fathers only because of very small fights. […]