Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu

Change God’s Time

An almost absurd question how can humans change God’s time? God always goes on in His plan and time in this world, who is human? who can change God’s time. Are we among those who wait for God’s time? There have been thousands of years in this world, as long as that sin remains. The devil and his accomplices have never fallen asleep to rule the world and mislead many people.

Believers wonder, when is the day of the coming of the Lord? Is God temporarily delaying judgment? Are we among those who are changing God’s time? extend or shorten his time?

God has time to carry out His will, fulfill His Word, Do we also have the ability to change God’s time? The Gospel of John 2: 1-5 tells about; On the third day there was a marriage at Cana in Galilee, and Jesus’ mother was there; Jesus and His disciples were also invited to the marriage.

When they lacked wine, Jesus’ mother said to Him: “They ran out of wine, Jesus said to him:” What do you want from me, mother? When I have not arrived. “But Jesus’ mother said to the servants:” What is said to you, make it! “There were six jars provided for washing according to the custom of the Jews, each containing two three jars. Jesus said to the servants: “Fill the jars full of water.” And they filled them to the brim.

There are three things to change God’s time:

1). Love

What is love? Love in the human or divine sense is the deepest form of personality as well as the closest and closest personal relationship. It may be easier to write and talk about love than to do it. But Mary taught us how the application of love in her faith could change God’s plan. When the marriage in Cana lasted they ran out of wine, Mary the mother of Jesus was part of this family and of course so was Jesus, Mary knew who Jesus was but there was a difference of interest here between Mary and Jesus, when Mary told Jesus that they were running out of wine.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, loved the family of the bride so much, she did not want them to be humiliated in front of invited guests so she had to encourage Jesus to declare His glory, perhaps a subtle rebuke to His mother, “Do you want me, Mother? when I have not arrived “, the rebuke does not make Maria discouraged. Verse 3 states that he came as a loving mother to the family of the bride and received her rebuke lovingly, John 15:12 says: “This is my commandment, that you love one another, as I have loved you, and verse 5 declares Mary to come as a faithful person who believes in God. In his words to servants; “What is said to you, make it!” We can see here that love can change His time God, when Mary loved the family of the bride, Jesus changed His time and performed the first miracle in Cana because He loved His mother and family bride.

There are various kinds of problems in life, which make us ask, when is my time restored? When will I be blessed by God? We always ask God, but we never ask ourselves when we love God. We will not be able to change God’s time for our lives to be better if we never have that love. And that character of love is clearly illustrated in 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.

The fall of man in sin does not necessarily eliminate God’s love for humans, but God designs human salvation on a large scale through Jesus. John 3:16 says; Because God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, so that everyone who believes in Him will not perish but have eternal life.

2). Believe

The verb in Indonesian “PERCAYA” in Hebrew is אָמַן – ‘AMAN, verb which is the basic word. In Greek the word PERCAYA is: πιστευω – PISTEUÔ, verb, this word comes from πεiθω – PEITÔ, verb. Trust / belief is a noun, in religious terms often referred to as “FAITH”, noun / noun. The word IMAN according to the large Indonesian dictionary is: belief and trust in God, prophets, books, or determination; determination and equanimity.

In this case we see that Jesus’ mother was so full of confidence that Jesus was able to solve the problems that occurred at that time, this personal relationship between mother and child was one of the things that triggered Maria to have firm beliefs, even though the answers received were a subtle form of rejection. but the basis of this belief dismantling Jesus’ defense in his official path that actually “when I have not arrived”.

One of the things that so many Christians face is the problem “Before I see it, I don’t believe it”. So that the problems faced only arrive at the logic and way of thinking we are wrong and can never solve the problem, the concept of surrendering or surrendering fully to Jesus has never been done, all only collided with human logic itself. Hebrews 11: 1 says; Faith is the basis of everything we hope for and evidence of things that we do not see.

We do not need concrete proof for a miracle to happen, all we need is faith or the basis of trust that we hope for where we do not or have not seen it. Miracles in Cana are the first miraculous deeds on the basis of a mother’s faith, to change God’s time.

this is one of the things that can change God’s time for us, no matter what our current problems are. God only asks for full trust or surrender fully to Him, let Him complete everything and do not limit His power to our logic, then we will see miraculous things that will happen in our lives.

3). Act

This act or action when dealing with the issue of Marriage in Cana is very clear, that it is not enough to love this family and believe Jesus is able to solve this problem, but Jesus’ mother instructed the servants to do what Jesus would command to do.

This is a pretty crazy problem when measured by human logic where in reality empty jars are filled with water and then brought to the party leader and served to the invitees, we see here faith works together with actions (James 2:13), if only the servants did not do what Jesus commanded, would that miracle happen?

Often we become the opposite of those servants, so much we read and hear about the truth of God’s word but in reality to obey it requires a very long time and maybe for the rest of our lives we never obey? Don’t be surprised if miracles have never happened in our lives, our lives are mediocre, the economy in the family has never been increased, which is always only a problem and a problem that never ends.

Do we realize that we are temporarily washed away from God? only because of our actions that do not want to obey God. And maybe we think while dancing to please God with love and faith in the church community or prayer meeting or Christian institutions that are financially protected, in fact we never step out of our place and just look for a safe and comfortable place.

Mary, the mother of Jesus and the servants felt uncomfortable with the problems that were taking place in front of them, they loved the family of the bride, they believed Jesus was the way out, and they were obedient to what Jesus commanded, this would change God’s time for our lives.

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