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Should Primordialism in the Church?

040912-buah-bibir1Growth in population and in particular the urban population in Indonesia has changed a lot of the social order, including the order of life are attending, particularly the urban community (urban parish). In the midst of rapid change so that an extraordinary impact, would not want the church is also confronted with a change of strategy and mission services that require adjustments and the anticipated deal with it.
Psychologically and spiritually we see that the urban society increasingly individualistic and diminishing concern for neighbors, many households are messy and lack the bond of love between parents and children caused many casualties.

Spiritual ministry felt increasingly less ‘bite’ due to career pressures cause a lack of human attention to religion. Stress work, career and saturation of modern life tends to produce spiritual community empty city that became an easy target emotional cults without having significant impact on the spiritual life.
In addition to the many churches, the increasingly lukewarm and empty, a lot of “communion” mushroomed in major cities, including in offices, restaurants and public buildings more, a lot of businessmen, the rich, important people attended, but didurban spiritual excitement it generates a repentant life? It is unquestionable, because even though many people are present in associations so it seems entrepreneurs are generally still does not reflect changes in how its trade even though he began diligently make offerings or tithe.
Morality cities is declining sharply, the law is increasingly becoming the city ethics and business ethics, and human cities will increasingly become a means of production and the growing loss of identity and conscious law is weak. Symptoms of urban spirituality thus points to the fact that the apparent where religion was searched and rewarding emotionally but was powerless to transform modern man in town.

Religion grow quantitatively but qualitatively questionable.
Residents modern city increasingly secularized, individualistic and materialistic and also they tend to look for groups of “primordial” such as ethnicity, religion and race, which is why in large cities tend to gather in tribal or compatriot become stronger as a brake on safety tendency modernization further eliminate human identity.

On the other hand the danger Primordialism is excessive tribal feeling, which ties a person in the first group with all the value obtained through socialization will play a role in shaping attitudes primordial. On the one hand, the primordial attitude has the function to preserve the culture of the group. However, on the other hand this attitude can make individuals or groups have the attitude of ethnocentrism, the attitude or outlook stem from the society and culture of its own, usually accompanied by attitudes that belittle people and other cultures, they will always look at other cultures of glassesculture.

This happens because of the values that have been socialized since childhood has become ingrained value (internalized value) and extremely difficult to change and likely to be maintained if the value is very beneficial for him.
There are two types of ethnocentric: 1. ethnocentric infleksibel which is an attitude that tends to be subjective in view of the culture or the behavior of others, namely a flexible 2. ethnocentric attitudes that tend to judge the behavior of others is not only based on their own cultural standpoint but also angle perspective of other cultures.
In the church life we see the same phenomenon in which many are looking back primordialism religious belief or cling to religion and tend to be fanatical, for example: A group of people who consider religion the most correct and superior to other religions and cause conflict because his thinking. The strengthening primordialism can also lead to the emergence of discrimination as an attempt to differentiate the classes related to special interests who do intentionally.
Forms of discrimination carried out by treating differently those groups that is based on race, ethnicity, religion, majority, minority in the form of church life in addition to seeking an escape emotional as compensation saturation of modern life. In some ways the church seems to be useful to fill emotional and needs primordial thirst, but as “servant of God” church clearly therefore not be a “blessing” for the community if he did not have the sensitivity of environmental and social concerns.


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