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Small note: Rise of Islam

images(4)The most obvious reason to learn and understand that Islam is actually very simple, namely because Islam is the future. Yes, you read that correctly; Islam is the future. If current trends do not change dramatically, quickly Islam will surpass Christianity as a world religion. In fact, according to most statistics, it can happen in less than 20 years.
Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, growing four times faster than Christianity. Currently they are practicing Islam amounts to about one-fifth of the world population. A Bible teacher from England, after seeing statistics recently commented: “If current trends continue, in 2055 half of the births in this world of ours will come from a Muslim family.”

Something dramatic and revolutionary is happening right before our eyes, and most Westerners see it clearly. The purpose of this paper is to inform readers about the growth of Islam that is very fast. Image to be depicted may surprise some of us. Others may be puzzled. While others may deny it. But this is a truth that must be told.Even by itself, the growth and spread of Islam is a powerful siren which evokes all Christians. Islam is not only a religion that is growing even faster in the world, but also in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The annual growth rate of nearly 4 percent in the United States. But there is strong reason to believe that the growth was increased to 8 per cent over the last few years. Before 2001, most reports indicate roughly 25,000 people convert to Islam annually. This does not sound so much. However, this annual report, according to some American Muslim leaders, has increased fourfold since the events of September 11.

Since September 11, the number of Americans who embraced Islam soared high. Only one month after the World Trade Center attacks, the report flows from the various mosques across the country. Ala Bayumi, Director of Arab Affairs at the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) on November 11, 2001, told a London daily newspaper, Al-Hayat, said this: Public non-Muslim Americans are now interested in understanding Islam. There are many signs, library ran out of books on Islam, Quran translation in English ranks first bestseller America.
Since September 11 the American public began to show a willingness to embrace Islam, thousands of non-Muslim Americans who responded to invitations to visit mosques, such as ocean waves constantly crashing the shore.

After testifying about the dramatic steps that have been taken by Muslims as a result of the September 11 attacks, Bayumi went on to say that: Amendment of religion is not reduced, and the amount is reduced as there were 50 years ago. Not as we expected a day after the events of September 11. Instead the 11th day that has passed the same as 11 years in history when people begin to embrace the new religion that teaches faith in God.

In an article in a British newspaper, The Times of London, on January 7, 2002, just four months since September 11, we can read: There is anecdotal evidence that shows more and more people embrace Islam since September 11, 2001, not only in the UK, but throughout Europe and America. An Islamic center in the Netherlands reported a 10-fold increase, while the New Muslims Project, which is housed in Leicester (England), and managed by a former housewife Roman Catholic Ireland, reported “new Adherent continuous flow”.
But the other side is more depressing is: more than 80% of American Muslims recently raised in a Christian church.

If there is an opinion that the rate of change of religion is greater than reported, that described above is true, then it means that as many as 60,000 Christians who grew up in a Christian household, switching converted to Islam every year. There is also the son of a pastor and grew up in a traditional devout Christian family, but later he converted to Islam while studying in high school. There are also many testimonies of bishops and pastors, missionaries, students of theology, and ordinary Christians who converted to Islam. Some of them even described himself as a former “person filled with the Holy Spirit.” We might say that it is impossible that once filled by the Holy Spirit. If some of us objected, why statistical data is not widely known?

We may wonder why we do not personally know the person who converted to Islam.There are some simple answers to this question. One of the reasons why there is a tendency like this, because most American Muslims are concentrated in metropolitan centers. For example, the Metropolitan Chicago is home to 350,000 Muslims. Metropolitan New York has the number doubled, amounting to 700,000 Muslims. Another important statistic shows why this issue is no longer spoken by the white church in America is because 85% of Americans who converted to Islam were African-Americans.

White American society are barely affected by the phenomenal as experienced by people of African-Americans. It is a sad explanation of the inconsistency and no unification of American churches. With Islam being wiped out clearly important cities. A holder Islamic authorities estimate that by 2020 most of the urban centers of America will be dominated by Muslims. But along with the increasing man who changes his religion, the faces of people who become Muslim also changing.

Within a short time after September 11, National Public Radio did a special program about Islam and those who embraced Islam after September 11: One of the important topics (in broadcasting NPD) is an interview with several young women at American universities who had embraced Islam through the Islamic Society of Boston, for example, at Harvard. They talked about the power and greatness of Islam, the appointment of the dignity of women in Islam, and the reason why they embrace Islam. The program was broadcast several times throughout the Americas.

From an article in The New York Times on October 22, 2001, we read some stories Jim haking: Nine years ago, Jim Hacking training to become a Jesuit priest. Now, he was a Navy lawyer in St. Louis. Last month he spent time explaining Islam in interreligious dialogue … He shahadah on June 6, 1998. “The thing I believe is that there is only one God, no one with her, she does not need a son to do His works , ”
There are a thousand stories like the story of Jim Hacking. Perhaps we have read a hundred stories were the same whether our response to this?


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