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Logic , God & Man

Adam was created as beings who can think and develop his thinking, this reflects the wisdom of God and also distinguishes him from animals ( see 2 Peter 2:12, Jude 1:10). We already know that in the Garden of Eden Adam has used his intellect in his dependence on God.
He builds patterns of thinking according to God’s instructions. Adam definitely use logic even in a simple form, and he uses it in all its conquests to God. He never ignores its reliance to God by thinking logic that is able to give it to him for an explanation and knowledge apart from God.

As a result, Adam in the use of his ability to use his intellect is always subject to the limitations and the leadership of God’s revelation. God is always seen as the basis of truth and the shepherd from the truth, because at that time Adam was still in a state of man created in the image of God and without sin. Of the role of reason based on logic owned by man before sin entered into the world, then there are several observations we can do.

First, using reason and develop thinking it is not something that is wrong and evil. Christianity has got a wide range of attacks from those who claim that everything must be “reasonable” and “scientific.” Some Christians think that the only protection is to reject science and the use of reason as well as to consider it as something two evil. Use of reason is not an evil thing, because in the garden of Eden, Adam also uses his intellect and he developed his thinking. Adam was the one who named the animals and maintain the park.

Noteworthy is that if the use of reason and the development of human thought was done independently or apart from God, then things will lead to untruth and error. But if those two things are used in dependence on the revelation of God, then the truth will be found. Using reason and develop thinking itself is not contrary to faith or truth.

Second, the logic is the fact it is not the difference between the Creator with creation. At the moment we are talking about humans in using his intellect, we should remember that logic is only a reflection of the wisdom and knowledge of God. Although the Word of God, God humbled Himself and reveal Himself to the term in accordance with the power of thought, human logic, but it does not mean that human logic is above or equal to God and also not part of the existence of God.

Logic forms the most complex and remain sharp in the scope of creation and quality in accordance with quality human being created in the image and likeness of God, not by the quality of itself God. Therefore the logic is part of the creation logic has its limitations.
First seen as a system of logic that is always in the process of changing and evolving. In fact there are several systems of logic in a certain point opposite to each other. In fact there is no definition of “contradiction” universally recognized. Although if all humans can agree on a system to develop a thinking, human logic can not be used as judges to determine the truth and untruth.

Christianity on certain things can be said to be reasonable and logical, but logic is the ability to meet the limits when confronted with things like the incarnation of Christ, and the doctrine of the Trinity. Logic is not God and should not be given the respect that is only possessed by God alone. Truth is found in God’s judgment is not the logic of the court.

Therefore we must be careful to avoid the two extremes are usually taken in relation to the use of reason and logic. On the one hand there are people who refuse to use reason and agree on blind faith.
On the other hand, there are people who give logic a space to stand alone and apart from God.
Both positions are incompatible with human nature before the fall. Man was created as a creature that can think and develop his thinking, but he is expected to realize the limitations of his thinking and reliance on logic to his Creator.

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