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Worker Character of Christ

Times were so rapid progress demands our readiness as a worker of Christ to have strong characters and distinct from workers in the world, such as:

Probably overkill if industrious nature is very important to be owned by a worker of Christ, but the fact that a leader must be a diligent or have a willingness to work.
We take a look at a few passages in the Bible about this craft:
Example: Matthew 25: 14-30 This passage tells about the master who went away and before going to give money to employees 5 talents, 2 talents and 1 talent. When his owners who are given five talents and two talents give hundred percent results. But given the responsibility of one talent did not seek money, even planted as cruel master and reap the place where not sow, and the money was returned and in verse 26, his master said that the servant was “wicked and lazy …”

This passage shows that we are all slaves to be “diligent work”.
Laziness is something that is prevalent in this world, people who are lazy and do not ever look for a job if there is a job they are trying to circumvent. Are not in the dictionary that effective people are lazy. Effective people are always careful not to make the time and energy wasted.
2 Peter 1: 5-7 says: “That’s why you have to really try to” add “to your faith virtue and goodness …. This is all addition, and the addition of a feature than an active or industrious. If we look at 2 Peter 1: 5-7, it appears that Peter was trying to evoke the reader of what makes them passive and he said do not stop adding if you have to get something good. Unemployment can only be overcome by craft. Negative idle state should be countered with a positive crafts. The roots of unemployment is laziness and drug “laziness is a craft”.

Loving others is the main requirement in service. If we do not love others, it is impossible to make an effort to keep people such as we, like Paul, and ended up as Jesus. If we do not love we serve, the services will be a burden for us, and we will not truly lead or pray for that person grow.

Love is the basis of everything. “For the son of man also came not to be served but to serve and to give His life a ransom for many (Mark 10: 45). Here we see the goal of God, God is the center of human thought. Humans are very precious before God, man greatly loved by God.
The problem that often occurs is currently in service is the lack of love, and we do not realize the value of human beings before God. Mark 10: 45, Luke 19: 10 Jesus came into this world for the benefit of man, to serve man, to give his life a ransom. John 10: 10.Humans are no different before God, (rich, poor, smart, stupid, …) is equal before God, so we have no reason to distinguish humans. Status is not a problem but the soul. We need to see the place of humanity in God’s eternal plan.

Ready to Suffer
Every worker of Christ must be willing to suffer, just as Christ had previously suffered. “So, since Christ suffered in the flesh, you also have to arm yourself with such thoughts. (I Peter 4: 1) “.
Suffering here we must distinguish between the suffering due to our fault or due to the plan of God or by doing the will of God. Means to be willing to suffer for Christ, we are to willingly choose the path of misery, then we have a heart that is willing to bear the suffering for Christ’s sake.

The issue is not so much suffering that we face, but our attitude in the face of suffering. If we go to serve in the hope of dedicated facilities, we will be easily defeated enemies. But if we are going to serve, and we’re ready to get the facilities that are less good, but in reality gets good then it is good.

In service, we live in a state should not be looking for a fun, we should always be ready (willing) are treated poorly. Willing to suffer it also releases has meant that it should be accepted and people as it is the most feared by the devil that is, people who do not care about his life (right) because the devil is very difficult to beat someone like this, an example of “Job”. Satan will be defeated Ayub, if selfish Job (Job 2: 4-5).

The Good Listeners
Hearing the concern is a requirement that is needed by the workers of Christ.
Being a good listener is more difficult than a good speaker, because people would rather be heard than in hearing. advances in technology, busy, intense competition makes people do not have time to listen.
Many people today who want to share the burden or their problems, but to whom? no one has time to listen. And because the problem does not come out or load it happens stress, divorce because of family ties who do not have time to talk.
A servant of God can not conclude and find a way out if he does not pay attention very well every conversation. In the conversation we should be able to distinguish three things:
The words were spoken.
Words that are maintained so as not pronounced.
The words can not be spoken maintained.
Often times we have concluded speech of others and he had not finished speaking, because we lack attention or get tired of hearing that the conclusions are wrong and way out that we took was wrong.

Controlling Yourself
Lots Christ workers whose utility is reduced because the tongue is not restrained.Services less power because power has leaked through conversations frivolous or empty.(II Timothy 2: 6).
Is there a source of fresh water emit bitterness from the spring of the same. (James 3: 11)
If we had given our lives, our bodies to God ought not so temporary (at any time). So we should be able to control ourselves because every word that we remove it from our mouths contain a power of attorney, can be a blessing or could also be a curse.
Talks have already come out of our mouths, can not be drawn again will continue to spread like wildfire that can burn anything that is around us.. Speaking of self-control, not just talk about controlling our mouths but also includes, forcontrol of the desire of our eyes, our ears, our noses to the heart, and our flesh. All ofthese have a gap to weaken us, when our mouths say negative things then we will destroysomething that we are targeting for crushed instead when positive things that we say thatthere are some good things will happen. Let us think first before taking action, be it wordsor deeds.

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