Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu

Music from Hell

You used to be honored with the music of harps, but now here you are in the world of the dead. You lie on a bed of maggots and are covered with a blanket of worms….(Isaiah 14:11).
That the devil inspired music to the glory and interests of the devil bearing a message blasphemy against God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is the manifest through the lyrics, rhythm and image. The goal that sin is a matter of course because everyone is doing.

If we notice there are more songs and images that contain the recommended free sex, cohabitation culture, cheating, hurting and betraying each other, violence, sexual perversion, rebellion, unsure of God, rebelled at the parents, even the suggestion to abortion and drugs prohibited.

Some people call it Death Metal, it is a style of music that glorifies death, blood and Satanism, the name bands like Megadeth, Slayer, Carcass (body), Kiss (Kid in Satan’s Service), Black Sabbath. Their songs were given titles such as “Under the rotted Flesh, Covered with Sores, Raining Blood, Bloody Sabbath and many more.
There’s even a mention as a “Heavy Metal from Hell”, some radio stations refused to play death metal and some object to store graphic images of babies torn apart, but still death metal albums sold hundreds of thousands or even millions of pieces. Crowded concerts.
So the question is why a lot of teenagers who like this music?
Death metal defenders say that it helps release the emotions of children. Megadeth says that his music gives “channel to vent their frustrating, fear, and hostility” of children.
A record producer said, “Teenagers are angry, they want to go out and kill people in this way, they can take it out in a civilized manner.”

This is known as the theory of “Catharsis” – the idea that art gives people a harmless way to channel their hostility from within themselves. Unfortunately the results were not so, art is not Catharsis. They make expressions that can be accepted by the conscious mind but which was rejected by humans.

This expression when delivered repeatedly through the beat / rhythm can influence rock music lovers to follow what is conveyed through the music. There are a bunch of rock musicians who blatantly pornographic poetry writing, occult, devil worship or anything else. There are also symbols and terms used to describe a pornographic poetry or anything else that would really stimulate the fantasy of the listener.

Normal speaking voice is 60 dB, 30 dB whisper people, people screaming 70 dB, 85 dB sound of the gun and heard the sound of a jet from a distance of 50 meters is 120 dB.According to research the music at some discotheque in Jakarta between 100-110 dB. This clearly exceeds the normal threshold that can be tolerated by the human ear. What about rock music? harsh and shrill, and pounding with high noise levels?

Investigation by the loud music can cause adverse effects on humans include: heart disease, high blood pressure etc.. Also due to the psychological (mental) such as mental stress, touchy, stress and so forth.
Moreover, the loud music is heard exceeds the threshold of hearing is received by the human ear and over again blaspheme God? result not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. In believe that the chaos and crime on the current generation is the fruit of the deeds of Lucifer in the manifest one of them through music.

Romans 12:2 says: Do not be conformed to this world, but transformed by the renewing of your mind, so you can distinguish where the will of God: what is good, pleasing and perfect God. And we should be aware that there is a straight path in thought, but the end of death …. (Proverbs 16:25)


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