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Music from Heaven

Music is a gift or creation of God, the basics of what we consider is the truth of the Word of God in the Bible. God is the creator of the universe and that includes the music of this world, where there is a rhythm of the music movement of the sentence as a whole. Music without rhythm melody only just equal to the tent that there is no frame, a rhythm that’s what turned the music or songs.

Likewise, the melody; a continuum and blend of tones and intervals (intervals) that was formed as a union as well as the harmony is a harmony between one tone with another tone.
Why is this allowed to happen? is this just a coincidence? certainly not not! this occurs because there is He the creator, God the creator of music. The Bible also shows the beginning of the music (Genesis 4:21) Yubal known as the father of all the people who play the flute and harp.

In Israel’s worship music plays an important role 1 Chronicles 15:16,”David commanded the leaders of the Levites to assign various Levites to sing and to play joyful music on harps and cymbals…. So all the Israelites accompanied the Covenant Box up to Jerusalem with shouts of joy, the sound of trumpets, horns, and cymbals, and the music of harps”.

And 2 Chronicles 29:25, 28 “The king followed the instructions that the LORD had given to King David through Gad, the king’s prophet, and through the prophet Nathan; he stationed Levites in the Temple, with harps and cymbals… Everyone who was there joined in worship, and the singing and the rest of the music continued until all the sacrifices had been burned.

As well as with Luke 2:13-14 that the heavenly army praising God, from several parts of God’s word, we can discover that God loves music, so in His people worship and worship music is always there. This shows that God loves gifts of music that is played well and with sincerity of heart. He wanted and missed rejoice with His children. God dwells on the praises of Israel (Psalm 22:4).

The power of God is also expressed through music (1 Samuel 16:14-23). David playing the harp well, and through it the evil spirit out of Saul.
There are two important elements in which God reveals His power:

First, the attitude and the way we played there we really play for the glory of God’s name? or are we just playing and not serious in any of our church services?
To invite the presence of God in every worship, music plays an important role in it because it’s the attitude and the way we play music is important, playing music in a way that is not really going to mess up the atmosphere of worship, the apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 14:15 So, what shall I do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also. The Apostle Paul further pointed out that the totality of the attitude and the way we play the music covers the spirit and mind.

Second, how people play, attitude and relationship with God.
The attitude of our hearts or a good relationship with God will make music together it will be felt in the presence of the Lord, if our relationship with God is not good then we will not notice anything unusual in the music, we can still play music but to bring God’s presence is present in worship will be very heavy.

Two things are very important, so that the power of God is revealed and glorified the Father in Heaven. For us there is no middle ground or compromise, if we are involved with the music or songs that do not glorify God so take a decision to repent and leave this bad habit before it was time the judgments of God are eternal, our task now is to restore music to the purpose and intent actually, the music comes from God which can be used by Satan to bring people away from God and blaspheming God.

Therefore let us resolutely refuse even selective and use the appropriate music, the aim is that the word of God can be communicated clearly and glorified the Father in Heaven.


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