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Secularism in the Church

Secularism is the ideology or the belief that separate between the religious affairs of life the world of politics, technology, science, art, etc.. In religious studies, community at large in the western world consider to be secular. This is because religious freedom is nearly full with no legal or social sanctions, and also because the general belief that religion does not determine political decisions.

secularization is a change in society from close identification with the values and institutions of religion into the values and institutions of non-religious and secular. Secularization thesis leads to the belief that when people “developed”, especially through the modernization and rationalization, religion will lose its power in all aspects of social life and government.
Marxism, generally supports that the influence of religion in state and society is a negative thing. In the countries that have a confidence like that (like the Communist Bloc countries), religious institutions become subject under the secular state. Freedom to worship hindered and restricted, and the teachings of the church are also monitored to keep it in line with secular law, or even an official public philosophy. In western democracies, it is recognized that this policy violates freedom of religion.

There are three types of secularization facing the church:

First, there is a campaign against religion openly or concealed who deny the existence of the church. And pressure on the church came a barrage by certain groups, other than that there is regulation and legislation that created the central or local governments or inhibit the growth of incriminating church.
But the important lesson of the growth of the church since apostolic times is when the church was under pressure, persecution, and inhibited the fact that the church will travel, even rooted up so strong.

Second, the blurring of religious moral values
Blurring of religious moral values slowly went into the church. Some examples are: the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ in the celebration of Christmas, slowly but surely getting shifted to the appearance of the figure of Santa Claus and Christmas trees that eventually every celebration of Christmas without Santa Claus handing out gifts or Christmas tree then it will feel very awkward, though it describes a virtue but it began to shift the meaning of Christmas. The presence of Jesus as Savior as though it was never meant anything.

Blurring of the meaning of the word ̈’Christmas’ which was replaced with the word X’mas we unconsciously begin to accept the presence of X’mas said that we know the letter X implies vagueness or something is wrong or hidden in the letter by adding the word mas began to replace Merry Christmas word which means “In memory of the birth of Christ with good spirits” .
Also dress code for members of the church congregation experienced tremendous change where morale was declining religious, pieces of clothing that does not meet the standards of decency to appear before the Lord increasingly being ignored again this reflects the secularism has entered so deeply, so that the liturgy in the church is not sacred impress more.

Third, a form of lifestyle without God and it is considered normal.
The Church must face the reality of Christian community where life tends to start leading to modernization that negatively impact the Christian community lifestyle became consumptive, individualistic and Crime.

In addition to modernization, rationalism is also the largest contributor to a form of lifestyle without God, where the philosophical doctrine that states that the truth should be determined by evidence, logic, and fact-based analysis, rather than through faith, dogma, or religious teachings. So the verses Word of God which does not correspond to evidence, logic and facts will be removed by this group. There will be a heavy burden on the shoulders of every servant of God, the son of God and the believer to struggle to maintain faith and trust God’s truth.

Word of God in Proverbs 1:7 “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction”.

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