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Managing Time

Each person was given the opportunity to live only once. Every day we are given the same amount of time. Therefore we should think more about quality than quantity in his time. The Time is no more than a wave of events. Humans long ago to measure time by the publication of the Sun or the Moon. And now we measure time with a watch. However, both measured with the rising sun and watch, time is measured by events on the event.

There are good times and bad times there. And there are the best times there is also the worst times. Time can not be stored or drawn back, nor can lend and loan. Time should be used. The problem is how do we use it, how we invest what he has given us that.
Time becomes more meaningful among industrialized societies. In the industrial society we are in demand to match our time with other people’s time. This view of time is different in every culture. In certain societies late 5 minutes from the time the agreement is demanding an explanation. In other societies one hour late is not uncommon and need not apologize.
Obviously time is increasingly becoming something that is related to other things. Time is our most valuable property. Here’s a list of causes of waste of our time.

1. No goals (purpose) is clearly
Purpose: When we’re walking aimlessly then any road will take us anywhere. And there is no problem with how many hours we have been running. Destination which is the reason why we do not need something clearly measurable, but its direction must be clear.
It is ironic if we have been at a point where almost all of our lives lies behind us and then we realized that we do not know why and for what everything that has happened before. Our purpose in life is something that was built by the goals and without goals we will never effectively manage our time in this life.

2. No goals (goals) which clearly
Target: Everyone has it, although not everyone can express what it is. Have no real target is the target as well.
Time management should start from goals. How we use the time should always be shared and assessed in relation to the target, and if time management is the management of our lives, then the starting point is our life goals.

The first step to managing time well is to think about and record what we want to do and we want to be what our lives all the time. We should be able to distinguish between things that other people teach us about how we should, with which God has planned and taught to us that He wants for us.
Because the target is useful in the management of time then we need to know when we have achieved or accomplished it (or fail to comply).
A target should be achievable and measurable. Can be achieved that is realistic, something that by faith we believe we can achieve. Measured specific point: when to do and how we know that it has been done?

We need to realize that all the targets relating to other targets. Each event must be located in place within a sequence of events. If our goal is to be successful in an organization or a mother who worked for the family, then certain steps must be taken to achieve it. These steps are sub-objectives to achieve the goals or objectives is greater. Expressed as an “event” time and content specific, measurable and achievable, it can be a benchmark value in moving towards our life goals.

The goals should not be viewed as a sword that overshadow our heads, and we should not be afraid to fail in setting targets. None of us knows what will happen in the future, but think about what will happen in the future can become a driving force.
The goals of Christians is faith response to God’s commandments. We must realize that all our statements about the future is an expression of faith. (If God wishes). This awareness frees us from our worries in terms of “trying to carry out God’s will” when we set goals.
Targets were many kinds, types and size. It would be very helpful to see some goals such as: we want to be or want to do what?

Target wants to be associated with the properties of our example: love, good, true, and honest. It also shows our position for example as a mother, entrepreneur, or worker. For certain things these objectives can only be measured by our own standards. Objectively, all that is measured by what we do to it. Therefore all that can be implemented with the goals of “doing” (not “become”).
Goal of “doing” are things that we want to accomplish or do. Most of our goals can not be separated from a person with other people. Life should be seen as a whole. Targets a person for entrepreneurs, Christian ministers, family, or friends to do together. This life is a whole society, and the needs and problems of each person in society is bound together and linked.
Target is a process. The world changes. The situation is also changing. Our families have also changed. We also changed. The main goal is to give direction to set goals and test whether the direction is contrary to God’s goodness to us.

3. Failed to capitalize on the failure
In an effort to use time effectively, we need not despair by the failure to achieve our goals. Rather, we must analyze why we fail, set new goals and move forward. Is not setting personal goals is a process? Failure is a valuable experience to fix it.

4. Not a priority
The most basic case of time management is setting priorities. It is not always easy to do. Goals should be sorted by priority. Priority is basically set the “when” in our lives. There is a lifetime priority, there are priorities generations, there are priorities yearly, monthly, weekly and daily.
Investigate the same time we are investigating our lives. For Christians the investment of time should be based on a biblical priority. Biblical order of priority are as follows:
1) Obey (commitment) in Christ
2) Obey (commitment) on the body of Christ, His Church.
3) Obey (commitment) on the work of Christ.

This understanding can be found in the letters of the Apostle Paul to the Romans, Corinthians and Ephesians. Paul emphasizes in his teaching that Christ’s work done by the body of Christ, rather than individually.
Many Christians confuse this sequence. They forget that Christianity is essentially also a relationship. God is more interested to see who we are than what we have accomplished. And who we are measured by our relationships with others such as: kindness, honesty, love, and truth.

Do not forget the time we are only 24 hours a day. The amount of work we can do is limited. There are jobs that can not be delegated to others, because the work was indeed our responsibility or we can just do it. But there is also work that can be delegated to others.
If we are not able to do a job that is offered to us, do not take the job. If there is someone else who can do the job better, delegate the job to him. Delegate to others the tasks that are not our responsibility.

Have reached where we use the time available? Word of God says in the Book of Ephesians 5:15-17 “Therefore, consider carefully, how you live, not as fools but as wise, redeeming the time, because the days are evil. Therefore do not be stupid, but get yourself so that you understand God’s will “.

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