Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu

Man and God

Man (M): Our Father which art in heaven
God (G): Yes?
(M): Do not interrupts, I’m praying … ..
(G): But you called me
(M): Called you? I did not call you. I’m pray. Our Father who art in Heaven … … …
(G): Well, you did it again.
(M): Doing what?
(G): called. You said, “Our Father who in Heaven … “. Here I am. What are you thinking?
(M): But I do not mean anything with these words. I just, well …. just saying my prayers for this day.
I always say the Lord’s Prayer. The prayer made me feel relieved and comfortable, it seems I have completed my task.
(G): Okay. Forward.
(M): Hallowed be Thy.
(G): Hold. What do you mean by these words?
(M): What words?
(G): the words “Hallowed be Thy”
(M): It means … …. That is … … .. I do not know what that means.
Why should I know? Those words are just part of that prayer alone. By the way, what is the purpose of saying that?
(G): means .. “Honor”, “Ghost” “Extraordinary”
(M): Hey, it makes sense too. I never thought about what it means to “Hallowed” before.
Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as in heaven.
(G): Are you serious?
(M): Yeah, why not?
(G): What would you do to it?
(M): Do? No, I guess. I just think that
This world will be peaceful if you hold the control / power over everything here as You’re doing over there.
(G): Have I got control of you?
(M): Well, I go to church.
(G): That’s not what I asked. How about A bad habit you have, such as properties like mad? You really have a problem there.
And then … in the way you spend your money …. everything for yourself. And what kind of books do you read?
(M): Stop criticize me! I’m just as good as those others are not so fanatical that exist in the church.
(G): Forgive me. I thought you were praying for my will happen.
If that’s what you want to happen, then they shall be initiated by people who pray for it. Like you for example.
(M): Oh …. Well! I guess I do have some problems. Now when you mention it, I can probably name some others again.
(G): I can.
(M): I have not thought about these things until now, but I really want to get rid of some of these ugly things.
I wanted to, you know, I want absolutely free.
(G): Good. Now we come to a point. We will work together … .. you and ME. Some battles can actually be won. I’m proud of you.
(M): Let the Lord, I really should finish this prayer. This has become longer than usual …Give us this day our fortune … ..
(G): You need to be free from the bread, too …. You have become too fat … ….
(M): Hey, wait a minute! What is “My Day at the criticism?”
I’m currently working on my spiritual duties, and suddenly you go and remind me of all my problems.
(G): Prayer is a powerful thing. You can change many things. That’s why I’m trying to approach you.
You called me and here I am now. It’s too late to stop now. Keep praying.
I’m interested in the next part of your prayer …. get on … …
(M): I’m afraid.
(G): Fear? what?
(M): I know what would YOU say
(G): Try and see.
(M): Forgive us as we also forgive those who wronged us.
(G): What about Tommy?
(M): Yeah right! I know !!!!! I know YOU would remind me of him! He has told lies about me, cheated me out of money.
She never paid back his debts to me. I swear I’ll reciprocate.
(G): But your prayer? … … … What about your prayer?
(M): I do not mean it with my prayers.
(G): Well …. At least you’re honest. But it is not fun to have a lot of bitterness in you, right?
(M): No, but I’ll feel much better so I can reciprocate. I have made some plans for the Tommy. He’ll wish he never hurt me first.
(G): You will not feel better. You’ll feel worse. Vengeance is not sweetness.
Think of how unhappy you are now. But I can change it all.
(M): YOU can? How?
(G): Forgive Tommy. Then I will forgive you. Then all the hate and sin will be Tommy’s problem and not the problem.
You may have lost money, but you will have your heart.
(M): But God, I can not forgive Tommy.
(G): Then I also can not forgive you.
(M): Oh …. YOU right!! YOU are always right. and more than my desire to take revenge on Tommy, I want to be with …
All right! I forgive him. Help him to find the right path of God.
He had been tied so badly, … .. now I’m just thinking about it. Either way, however the way, show her the right way.
(G): Well, so! How do you feel?
(M): Hmmm …. Not bad. Not bad …. even now I feel very happy.
You know, I do not think I’ll go to bed tonight with anxiety for the first time since I can remember.
Maybe I will not feel so tired from now on because I did not rest enough.
(G): You have not finished with your prayer. Forward.
(M): Oh … Well …. And keep us from temptation, but deliver us from evil
(G): Good … good …. I will do it. Just do not you put yourself in a place where you will easily tempted.
(M): What do YOU mean God?
(G): Stop going to places that are not good, look at tv shows and movies that should not be seen.
Stop listening to the conversation is full of sin, to go to places where the playboy and playgirl sold.
Replace some of the friendship relationship. Some of those who call themselves friends have started to affect you.
They will make you get involved in things that are wrong and not good right away. Do not be fooled.
They always say they have fun with these things, but for you it is a ruin. Do not use me as an emergency exit door.
(M): I do not understand
(G): Sure you do. You’ve done many times. When you’re trapped in a bad situation, a tough problem, you run to me.
“Lord, help me out of this mess, and I promise I will not do it anymore.”
Do you remember going to some of the offers that you try to create with ME?
(M): Yes, and I’m ashamed Lord. I am really ashamed. Forgive me Lord, I’m really sorry.
Until now I thought if I prayed the Our Father every day, then I can do whatever I want.
(G): Go ahead. finish your prayer.
(M): Oh yes … .. for you are the owner of the kingdom, and power and glory forever and ever. AMEN.
(G): Do you know what will bring glory ME? what will make me truly happy?
(M): No, but I’m curious. I want to please you. I have been able to look at the mess I’d made in my life.
And I can see how fun and wonderful to be one of your followers truly.
(G): You just answered the question.
(M): Really?
(G): Yes. the only thing that would make me happy is to have people like you who truly love me.
And I could see what was happening between us. Now … because some of these old sins are exposed and eliminated.
No words can explain what we can do both.
(M): Lord, let’s see what we can make of me, OK?
(G): YES, LET’S … ….

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