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Suffering and Death of Jesus

Suffering and death of Jesus on the cross we’ve heard, but this is often not very memorable to us because: only reported on the face, and maybe we just heard / read with the brain, not with our hearts never even contemplate. Suffering and death of Christ is a phenomenal, Matthew 27:26 tells of Jesus to be scourged.

It is told so short, so that we may regard it as a minor pain! But the fact is clearly not the case. Can say how great this torture, the image of the Roman scourging was a great torture. The victim was stripped naked, hands tied back, then he was tied to a milestone with his back bent so that opens to the whip.

Roman whip consists of a short wooden handle that was given some leather strap, which ends fitted with pieces of tin or brass and pieces of sharpened bone. Flogging given mainly on the back of the victim, who was stripped naked and bent. Usually two people employed to carry out this punishment, which is a whip from one side, another whipping from the other side, with the result that the meat was sometimes whipped ripped / torn so that the veins and arteries are located on the inside, sometimes entrails and internal organs, into the open. Flogging like that, that should not be committed against a Roman citizen (cf. Acts 16:37), because it often ends in death.

If someone flogged with a whip for granted, then that’s already a pain. Especially if someone whipped with a Roman whip. At the time of the Roman whip on whip it right back that has been stripped, then the sharp objects that existed at the whip stuck in the back and scratched. That is just the first lash.
At the time of the second stroke are given then it could be sharp objects in the lashings were stuck at exactly the parts that have been injured, scratched, cut by the lash of the first one. This course will deepen the wound earlier. So forth until your back is flogged it literally crumbles / become the tapes or even into pulp, and blood vessels and internal organs become open.

Now, can you feel the weight of this torture? The only thing that ‘good’ of torture is that the scourging prior to crucifixion is hastening death on the cross (for the blood that comes out very much)!
Imagine the scourging of Jesus and reflect on this experience! He had this to atone for our sins! Are we still underestimate the sin?
Before Jesus was crucified, He had suffered insult and mockery (Matthew 27:28-31). Some say that the crown of thorns is not meant to punish but only to mock, but there is also assumed that the crown of thorns is meant as an insult / ridicule and also as a torture. Someone said that there grows a plant with thorns in length between 4-6 inches (10-15 cm)! He estimates that this plant is used to make a crown of thorns and then plugged into the head of Jesus!

When Jesus was already there on the cross, He-was still receiving insults and mockery (Matthew 27:39-44). Consider the folly of the scoffers, mockers were in Matthew 27:40,42! They say that they want to believe in Jesus if Jesus came down from the cross! William Booth (founder of the ‘Salvation Army’) to comment on this section by saying: it is precisely because he did not want to get down then we trust Him.

Indeed, if Christ is not impervious to insult, ridicule it, and he fell from the tree, then there is no Savior. Redeemer of sin for us, and there is no point for us to trust Him. All this will cause all of us will go to hell! But, thank God, He is willing to withstand ridicule and insult it for us!
Before the crucifixion, Jesus was required to bear the cross, there are two things to know about the tradition of cross tansporting manually: first, the bear is not around the cross, but only parts of the horizontal, while the vertical part of the ‘wait’ in the place of crucifixion. But even this horizontal section is quite heavy. Second, people who will cross it must take up his cross to the crucifixion, and he was led through route / path as far as possible, in order to be seen by many people as possible, as a warning to those people.

When they reached the place of crucifixion, the cross was put to sleep on the ground. Prisoner was stretched over it, and his hands nailed to the cross. Between the legs of the sentence (in his crotch), protruding piece of wood called a saddle, to hold the weight of the person at the time the cross was enforced otherwise the nails will tear the flesh in his hand.
Then the cross was established and put in place – and the punishment was left to die … Sometimes, the prisoners depend to a week, die slowly of hunger and thirst, suffer to the point where they become insane.

Death on the cross is a slow death due to run out of oxygen. Arms stretched upward making it difficult inmate taking a breather. Whenever he wanted to breathe, he was forced to raise his body slightly by using his legs. By the time his body slightly raised, the muscles in his arm would be a bit weak and this situation will make it easier to breathe. But this movement will cause pain in the legs, because this movement means that he should devote his weight on both heels are nailed to the cross.
Crucifixion cause unimaginable pain, ranging from the process, the feet and hands nailed to the hanging body in the feet and hands nailed. Every breath will make the prisoner feel excruciating pain in nerves hands and feet. In addition, he will feel the pain, because every time breathing, he should rub his back, wounded from the lash on a rough wooden cross.

Sometimes the inmate will live for days even in the half-dead with a sense of choking due to lack of oxygen. That is why Roman soldiers broke the legs are usually condemned to accelerate his death (crurifragium). In the case of the Lord Jesus, His legs are not broken, because his death relatively quickly due to the torture suffered by him that.
Christ’s suffering on the cross lasted for approximately six hours; but every minute and seconds, his body suffers extreme pain. Death on the cross is the death penalty is reserved for the Roman Empire slaves and criminals heavyweight who is not Roman citizens. In other words, the crucifixion is the death penalty is insulted, because it only applied to those deemed most contemptible. God, creator of the universe and its contents, born insulted and humiliated die anyway. All this he did because of one reason only, namely, to atone for my sins and You.

Just before Jesus was crucified, He was given a drink of wine mixed with gall, but the after taste it, he refused to drink it (Matthew 27:34). This rejection reason, namely: at the time, to turn off / reduce the pain, the punishment was given a drink of wine as an act of anesthesia … mercy … but he would not drink it, because He has determined to accept the death of the most bitter and frightening and to not avoid the slightest pain.
Thus, it is clear that Jesus was aware that the moment he is carrying the penalty of our sin. If he’s willing to drink the wine pushers, then the pain will be reduced so that he does not bear the punishment for our sins.
If that happens, then even if we now believe in him, then still there are some sins that we must bear alone! That will inevitably lead to all of us go to hell! But thank God, He refused the drink because he wanted to carry 100% penalty for our sins! Therefore, if we now believe in Jesus, then 100% of our sins are forgiven (both sins past, present, and future) and we may not be punished (cf. Romans 8:1)!


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