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An example of the Apostle

Sun life of Paul the apostle of Jesus Christ began to set in the Western sky. “… When death is near,” he said to Timothy (II Timothy 4:6). The period of his life no longer. For most people, it’s time to stop working. Rest while enjoying all the sweat, but for the apostle does not.

Behind the prison bars that separated him mercilessly with the outside world, with the chains that cruelly restrict its movement, in the face of reality left behind by his colleagues even at times when he was in dire need of their presence, as well as in the true loneliness absolutely miserable soul, the old man Paul has not also stop observing the interests of others.
He had not yet started to pay attention to its own interests. His body away from the people whom he loved, but hearts and thoughts are always drawn to them.

As the sun began setting the apostle’s life, the darkness began blanketing churches in the province of Asia, including a collection of believers in Ephesus, where Timothy was ministering. Crisis of faith and crisis as well as exemplary, and the crisis started to hit the journey of life teachings of God’s people in there.

Witnessed the horror and suffering in the name of the Lord’s work experienced by the apostles, frightened to imagine what if the same thing happened to myself, as well as irregular retreat race leaders from the responsibility to be exemplary life of faith to the people they lead, really ready to destroy the vision and mission of Christians in this world.

Not to mention her to infiltrate the new school that opened opportunities for the church to live life with passion hedonist, allow themselves controlled by various evil desires. The doctrine of this kind will produce generations of lovers of themselves, lovers of wealth, lust and lovers rather than lovers of God (II Timothy 3:2-5).

How to repel the darkness that began blanketing the church? There is no other way, “explained the world” must remain present. During this, the Apostle Paul has become a light to a dark world. To Herod Agrippa II, king of some areas in the northeast of Palestine, he tells his calling.

Jesus Christ the risen Lord, sent to the Jews and Gentiles “to open their eyes, that they may turn from darkness to light and from the power of Satan to God …” (Acts 26:18). Call it the beginning of his struggle to preach to the Gentiles “that they should repent and turn to God and do the jobs that match repentance” (Acts 26:20).
Life of the apostle was over. But that does not mean the end of the presence of “Light of the World.” There’s Timothy, the disciple of Christ upbringing the apostles results. In him, the Apostle Paul had invested time, energy, thoughts, even his life. In him, the apostles had doubled himself (cf. II Timothy 3:10: “… you have followed my teaching, my way of life, mind, my faith, my patience, my love and my perseverance.”)

The sun began to set, but God the Creator and Sustainer of the universe have never fallen asleep and stop working. The sun still will rise again. The Apostle Paul was dead, but God who is the Owner and Sovereign of the fields have not stopped working. New workers will be raised Him. Timothy, the disciple, who in the heart and blood vessels flowing soul and spirit of the apostle, also has illuminated this dark world.

We are disciples of Christ, Timothy, are called to be “Light of the World.” Called to preach the promise of life in Christ Jesus and invite people to sinners to repent and turn to God and do the jobs that match repentance, for the sake of God’s chosen people … get salvation in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.

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