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Ear Faith

Who are ear, let him hear …
Many times Jesus said it. Eight times in the Gospels and eight times in the Book of Revelation, we are reminded that not enough just to have ears, we should use it.
In one parable, Jesus compares the ear to the ground. He told about a farmer who sowed the seeds (a symbol of the Word) in four types of soil (the symbol of our ears.) Exist between our ears like a hard road, unable to receive the seed. Others again have the ear like the rocky ground, we hear the Word but do not let it take root.
Anyone else have a similar ear with a piece of land full of grass, plants are too wild, too prickly, too much competition for the seeds to grow properly. Others again have ears to hear, which is done with good soil, choose a good course to be planted and ready to listen to the voice of God.
In the fourth case is the same seed, the sower is the same or different is not a message that carries the message, the difference is the audience.
If the comparison in this story means that once, then three quarters of the world does not listen to the voice of God.
Why? because there are a lot of heart is hard, life is shallow or a restless mind, 75% of us do not hear and the message is simply passed through from us, not we do not have ears, it’s just that we do not want to use it.
Scripture so that we always give priority to listen to the voice of God.

Truly great commandment from God through Moses begins with the words, “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the Lord is one!” (Deuteronomy 6:4).
“Happy is the man who listens to me” is the promise in Proverbs 8:14.
Jesus urges us to learn to listen like sheep. “My sheep know his voice … they follow the shepherd because it sounds familiar, they do not follow people they do not sound familiar.
Each of the seven churches addressed in revelation the same way: “Anyone can hear should pay attention to what was said by the Spirit of God to the churches.”
Pilate is selective hearing. He was allowed to dominate the people’s voice and the voice of conscience was a carpenter. “But they kept shouting …. And finally they managed to shout” (Luke 23:23).
Pilate finally leads her ear to the crowd and away from the Christ and ignore the message of the Messiah. “Faith comes by hearing” (Romans 10:17), and once Pilate did not listen, so he never got faith. “Who are ear, let him hear.”
How well we’ve been listening to the voice of God? or do we have to listen to but never stored in our hearts? So many messages of God in His Word, which came to us through the pastors, servants of God, evangelist, or our fellow-minister that we would probably admonish us that life is still far from God.
Surely God used the people who is around us to change our lives through our hearing. But often it is only God’s message to the right ear and out his left section, some soil into a hard heart, some of them into the heart of the rocky ground, and partly into the ground a heart full of thorns.

Let us change the way we hear more … maybe things are not pleasing to God that we hear than the truth of the Word of God itself, so we will not stand the temptation of this world. Where we are too easily shaken, even we do not have the strength to refuse the offer of the world, all because of one reason that we are not rooted in the Lord, we do not wear ear as a result the seeds of faith are just falling in the wrong place.


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