Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu

Basin Grace

Jerusalem, …. Passover feast when crowded with visitors, students enter one by one each took place around the table. On the wall hung a towel on the floor and no pitcher and basin. Anyone among the disciples to offer to perform the task, but no one stood.
A few minutes later, Jesus stood up and took off his outer garments.
He circled the towel at his waist as usual made a servant, took a basin and knelt in front of one of his disciples. He opened one of the straps of sandals and slowly lift your foot and put it in a basin, water it with water and washing. One by one, one washed the dusty feet of Jesus, he worked his disciples to follow a row in the table.
At the time of Jesus washing the feet is a task that is served to the lowest servant. Each group has its own rule structure of the environment as well as domestic workers is no exception. And a waitress at the bottom of the stairs is considered most suitable to his knees with a towel and basin.
In this case different is that holding a towel and a basin is the King of the universe.
The hands that formed the stars now wash dirt. The fingers that form the mountains are now massaging the toes. And he to whom all nations shall bow will now bow in front of his disciples. Jesus knew what would happen to his hands in the crucifixion. Within twenty-four hour hands pierced by nails and it will die, he certainly knows the future of legs in this wash.

Twenty-four feet is not going to spend the next day following in the footsteps of their teacher, defended the intent purpose of Jesus. We will not get in the Bible that proclaim “Jesus washed all the feet except the feet of Judas.” It’s time for Jesus certainly very touching when he lifted his leg traitor and washed in a basin … in a few hours Judas’ feet, in the clear by the generosity of the One who will betray him, and will stand in the yard Caiaphas.
How many of us are already in the foot washing by Jesus in His ministry? we often experience serious problems, a difficult economy, a prolonged illness as though there was no more hope, shattered families and many more challenges that started to make us doubt the ability of Him, and we begin to calculate how much capacity us to change this road, this life change, even change the world, not shrink from self-esteem, faith, trust, obedience only sold a few pieces of silver which can not be taken off.
Do we ever realize that he was still our clean?
We’re in the clear of any sin by the blood of Jesus, our Savior to his knees and looked at the actions of our most heinous in our lives, He is merciful to reach us and say, “I can clean you up if you want” and from the basin grace His mercy He scooped him with his hands and wash away our sins.

Let us therefore to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water. (Hebrews 10:22).




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