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Salt and Light of the World

“You are the salt of the earth. If the salt has become tasteless, how it be salted? no more useless than thrown away and trampled people. You are the light of the world. The town is situated on the mountain can not be hidden. After all people do not turn on a lamp and put it under the bushel, but on the lamp stand so that enlightens all men in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see the good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven “..( Matthew 5:13-16).

All of us, know what it is salt and light. Probably no single household in this world who do not recognize and exploit it. Similarly, Jesus. He knew very well the practical usefulness of salt and light.
Through the use of salt and light-utility that Jesus describes His influence is expected to be played by the students in the community. Their numbers are still very small, but they must be salt and light to the whole earth. What exactly is his purpose?
There are four truths that is so prominent that we must note;

First, the fundamental Christians different from non-Christian. Both metaphor that it opposes the two communities. This world is dark, so Jesus is not stated directly, but you will have to be explained. The world is rotting but you will have to be salts, and protecting it from decay. In other words, they are different from the surrounding community should be so thoroughly as different from water-soluble oil that would not go into one, Jesus said that those differences should be like the difference between light and darkness, and between salt and decay. This is a grand theme in the entire Bible. God made the world a people for Himself and calls to this congregation is to be HOLY means to ‘be different from the others’. Be holy, for I am holy.

Second, Christians should enter into non-Christian community. Although Christians are morally and spiritually different from non-Christian people, but socially they may not separate themselves from the surrounding community. Instead they have to shine the light of darkness and salt they have to seep into the rotting flesh. Likewise, Christians should not be separated from society alone or forming exclusive societies that can not be in contact with other communities because of the wall, position, degree, or a blessing, and abundance. Because if so how it can affect the community? Christians should go into the community, involved as a whole in his life. They should let the light shine for their good deeds seem to people.

Third, Christians can affect non-Christian society. Why in the non-Christian community, Christians do not have a much greater influence for the good of society? Statistics on Christianity in this world is amazing, has a number of very large army of Christ. But why a large number of Christian soldiers is no more successful in attempting to beat back the powers of evil? Apparently it lies in tolerance softener his extreme teachings and His gospel castrate radical.
Where is the quality of their discipleship in maintaining benchmarks Christ without compromise? And where are they prepared toughness strategy capable cadres, occupying the position of position in terms of strategic influence both in government and in society for the glory of Christ.

Fourth, Christians should be able to maintain identity, their Christian beliefs. If the salt does not maintain its salt, the salt has become totally useless. If the light does not maintain its light, it will lose its usefulness. As followers of Christ must meet two requirements, on the one hand we have to enter non-Christian society, and integrates with the life of the world. On the other hand while doing so we must be on guard not to be affected by the world. Beliefs, values, benchmarks and Christian lifestyle can be maintained. We at His call for a truth that comes from a bigger heart, a love which includes a broader even those who are hostile to us, a deeper piety such as childhood piety that came to his father and a noble ambition that more emphasis Kingdom of God and His righteousness above all things.

If we choose and follow His way, then we will still be salty salt, our light will shine, we will be witnesses and servants are effective, and the influence of a healthful and refreshing ourselves will be refracted from the whole society around us.




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