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Justice in the Eyes of God

All human beings must be the same whether we respect it rich or poor, famous or not, influential or not influential, the biblical writers strongly emphasize this, for example, the prophet Moses, which explicitly says: “Lord, the God of thy God, all gods and Lord of allgod, God is big, strong and powerful, who do not pander … ‘Therefore, the judges of Israel also may not distinguish, but must listen to small people and things matter a great man’.
The same pressures are given in the New Testament, God is the judge who does not show favoritism, he ignored the outward appearance of a person, he did not choose love, regardless of racial background or social life.

Illustration we can also see there in the Book of Job. Final appeal asking for justice, when his entertainers had stopped their accusations are not worthy, not friendly and did not correct it, which says that Job was the guilt that he experienced great suffering.

But Job’s continued hold on his confession that he is innocent, while at the same time acknowledge that God is a just Judge.

The words of Job: “If he has violated God’s laws by doing oblique, worship idols or oppress people so as reasonable sentence upon whom God himself”. Then he continued, “If I ignore the rights of slave male or female, when they are litigants with me, whether my power, if God stood up, when he entered the investigation, did I say to him? Is not He who made me in the womb, making the person too? Would not one also formed us in the womb? (Job 31:13-15). Job continued his words with the same tone in relation to people who are poor and underprivileged, widows and orphans.

We have the same rights because we have the same creator. The Bible says that both the similarity of human dignity and equality is because the man had been so created by God. Creation is the base of human equality. Because we have the same Savior. Paul harmonize their master and slave behavior in relation to each other by reminding both of them, that they have the same heavenly God, and ‘He does not show partiality’ (Ephesians 6:9).

James tried to keep the class differences of worship with earnest warning to members of the congregation that ‘do not show partiality’, because the rich and poor distinction should not exist between those who believe in Jesus Christ (James 2:1-9) .

But the same truth that can also be found in common among people who do not believe. Awareness of our common humanity to be sufficient to eliminate the ‘favoritism’ and the rights of the privileged, and establish equality of status and rights.

All violations of human rights is incompatible with equality of rights and the degree that we have based on the creation. “Anyone who oppresses the weak, insulting the creator” (Proverbs 14:31). The fact that God does not show partiality is the fundamental of the protests that echoed the Old Testament prophets throughout history. The prophets did not know fearless in denouncing the tyranny of self-leaders, including those who are counted in the kings of Israel and Judah.

The fact that they are the king and even ‘the Lord’s anointed’, does not make them immune to criticism and anger. Indeed, the authorities must be respected by virtue of their lap, but every effort of the authorities to change into the arbitrariness of authority must be rejected with a bang.

David is the most sublime of the king of Israel, but it does not give free cards to him to kill Uriah and stealing his wife, Bathsheba.God sent the prophet Nathan to convey his anger to David. It also happened to King Ahab who killed Naboth and seize his vineyard, where only their eyes fixed on the pursuit of profit, extortion, torture and the shedding of innocent blood.

Word of God in Psalm 9:5 “For you to defend my case and my right, as a fair judge you sit on the throne”.

Because He has fixed a day in which He will judge the world with justice by the man who has defined him, after he gives to everyone a proof of it by raising Him from the dead. “(Acts 17: 31)

He is the Jesus who would be a fair judge on the Day of Judgement.


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