Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu

A Truth Itself

The trend is already well established within the church is to underestimate the nature of salvage, with no more than interpret such changes themselves, or the remission of sins, or personal passport to Heaven, or just as a personal mystic experiences, which have no social or moral consequences. Understanding of salvation should we free caricatures such as this, the doctrine of salvation we must show the full biblical sense because salvation is the radical transformation at the start now, be continued as long as we live in the world and perfected will be at the coming of Jesus’ second coming.

As believers in Christ, we must be alert to the actual truth of separation is unity.

First, we should not separate the safety of the kingdom of God, because in the Bible both are synonyms, alternative models to describe the work of God the same. In Isaiah 52:7 says: “How wonderful it is visible from the top of the hills coming of anchor, a peaceful preaching and proclaiming the good news, which spread the news and said congratulations to Sion:” God is King! “.

They are preaching preach peace is also a good-news, that is, where God ruled there was rescue. Salvation is the blessing of his reign, so clearly that enter God’s kingdom is synonymous with salvation.

If synchronized, there must have been us admit, then the notion of salvation rose gets a wider meaning. For the kingdom of God is the dynamic reign of God, who barged into the history of mankind through Jesus, face, fight and defeat crime, distribution of personal and communal well-being sustainable, protecting his people with blessing and a total claim as his own .

Church of the Kingdom was intended to be a community, a guiding model of a community that has been placed himself under the rule of God, and an alternative that becomes a challenge to secular society that enter into the kingdom of God is to enter into a new era, which has long already promised in the Old Testament, and now we’re looking forward to the fulfillment of the Kingdom of God is perfect when our body, our society and the universe will be renewed, and all sin, pain, futility, illness and death will be abolished all of them.

Second, we should not be separated from Jesus as Savior Jesus Christ as Lord. It sounds almost absurd, but the reality is that many argue, should accept Jesus as Savior while they postpone surrender to Him as Lord.

From his position as supreme and sovereign authorities to act, He can bestow the gift of salvation and the Spirit. Precisely because He is God so He can save.

To His deity far beyond the small field of our religious life, and covers all areas of our experience is both open to the outside world and the hidden, at home, in church, as citizens, or the responsibility of the Church as well as our social responsibility.

Third, we should not separate faith from love. Christians have always emphasized the Faith. Solafide, “only by faith” is one slogan of the Reformation, which was not allowed to doubt.’Justification’ or, more precisely we restore our worthiness before God, that’s not happening because of good deeds we have done or what we can do, it occurred solely thanks to the grace of God, we really do not deserve, and are given only because the basis of willingness Jesus Christ to redeem us from sin and death through his death and in a simple way to put our trust in Him.

This central truth of the Gospel that can not be on the bargaining-bargaining. But, although the recovery of human worthiness can only occur solely because of faith, but faith is not faith who are unemployed or stand idle. He was the authentic meaning of life and he will immediately manifests itself in the form of good deeds. If not she is a false faith.

Jesus himself had taught this to us in His image provided about the separation of ‘sheep’ of the ‘goat’ in the Last Judgement Day.


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