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Human Dignity

Human dignity expressed in the three successive sentences in Genesis 1:27, 28.
First: “God created man in His own image.”
Second: “male and female he created them.”
Third: “God blessed them and said unto them, … and fill the earth and conquer it is.”
Human dignity expressed here as consisting of three kinds of unique relationships established by God for our creation, which together took over most of the constitution our humanity, and that by fall we have been damaged but not abolished.

The first, is our relationship to God, human beings are all God’s image, created by His will in His own image. Divine image that includes the qualities of rational, moral and spiritual that separates us from animals and connects us with God. That’s why we have the ability to learn about Him from the Gospel evangelists or teachers about how we know Him, love and serve Him, to live consciously in humble dependence on Him, understand His will and obey His commandments.
So all that we call human rights embraces freedom, running and broadcast religion, freedom of Belonging to a religion or belief, freedom of conscience, freedom of thinking and talking all this under one rubric that is our relationship to God.

The uniqueness of the second, human beings relate to our relationship with each other. God himself who created the human race is a social person, God is in Himself includes three forms of personality that is different from one another is eternal. He said: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness” and “not good that man should be alone”. Then God created man male and female grandchildren and tell them to give birth.

Sexuality is his creation, his marriage is an institution and a herd of his individual goals. Thus, all human freedom that we call the sanctity of sex, marriage and family, the right to assemble in peace, the right of everyone to be respected regardless of the age, sex, race or position within a rubric that is our relationship with each other.

The third special quality, we as human beings is our connection to the earth and the creatures-creatures. God has given us the power, with the assertion conquer and cultivate the fertile earth, and power over His creatures. Thus, all human rights which we call the right to work and the right to rest, the right to receive a portion of the earth’s resources, the right to food, clothing and shelter, the right to life and health and to the lasting of his, together with freedom from poverty, hunger and disease are within the rubric of our relationship to the earth.

So what is meant by human dignity have been summarized in, how humans based on the three kinds of relationships: our relationship to God (the religious right and responsibility), our relationship with each other (rights and responsibilities of the partnership), and our relationship to the earth (Rights and responsibilities of management).
Thus, all human rights is essentially a right to be human, it means the right to enjoy dignity as a creature created by God and because of the image as a consequence has a unique relationship to God himself, to fellow humans and to the earth.

So we value depends on God’s view about us and our relationship to God, As a result, the human rights are not unlimited rights, as if we are free to be an absolute act arbitrarily us and we arbitrarily. Both the presence and actions we are limited to what is desired in accordance with humanity and God intended.

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