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The cross … Curse or Gift?

Crucifixion is one of the harshest forms of execution that ever existed in the world, the essence of the crucifixion is not death itself but the agony of dying, so death is something that is very desired by those who crucified. People who used to cross their hands tied and their feet and they were given the dried wood footing hot sun for hours to show the people as a warning, so that any moments of suffering very heavy.
The starting point of Christianity began in the cross, is almost no sense when starting a religious movement based on a person’s death, but the cross has affected the entire world,  just because Jesus had to die on a cross approximately 2000 years ago.
There was no subject more attention in the art world in addition to the cross, and there is no subject that gives more inspiration in music, literature or drama, in addition to the cross, nor was there a subject that is more evocative sense of heroism and sacrifice yourself in addition to the cross of Jesus Christ and His resurrection has mastered so many Christians and make them willing to give up his life rather than deny Him.
An empty cross of Christ is what has moved many missionaries to go all over the world, in every tribe, and has attracted more followers than other religions than in the world. The cross represents the death that is designed not for the Romans, the cross is a symbol of humiliation, guilt, torture, and still more a symbol of failure.
How can someone who claims to save human beings, it can not save himself? But the cross of Christ has become widespread in Rome, and even then master of the Roman empire.
It is clear to all the Greeks that there is wisdom or wisdom on the things that are universal, such as: beauty, truth and goodness and freedom. But the followers of Christ is said that the wisdom of God is actually contained in the particular, and even on a particular disgusting, namely the cross where a person sentenced to death.
Deuteronomy 21:22 says: “If a man sinned commensurate with the death penalty, and he was sentenced to death, then you hang him on a pole, then the body should not be left overnight on the trees all night, but you shall bury him that same day , for a man who hanged accursed by God, thou shalt not defile the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee as an inheritance. ”
Christianity needs to give his best explanation to answer the questions that denies the crucifixion of Christ, He did receive a curse, but received his curse is the curse that humans should accept it and not because of his mistakes,
Galatians 3:13 says: “Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us, for it is written:” Cursed is everyone who hangs on a cross! ” Jesus Christ has made this, so that in him, thanks to Abraham to the Gentiles, so that by faith we receive the Spirit had been promised it. ”
It is proven because God has raised Him from the dead.
Empty cross, which has changed from the penalty spot into a place of blessing. The cross of Jesus became so valued for its own suffering there. Jesus is one Person with the greatest life and the world’s largest ever witnessed. He should never have been allowed to be crucified.
Moreover, he was the fulfillment of Old Testament expectations. He was a prophet like Moses, Elijah returned, he was the Son of the descendants of King David. He is the Son of man who portrayed Daniel. He is the servant of God who are suffering in the Book of Isaiah.
Never in the history of all these characteristics were tapered at one point, and point it was Jesus Christ on the cross, He is the hope of the Old Testament prophet, priest and king. Because that’s the name of Christ means anointed given to Him. Thus Jesus is seen as the fulfillment of the three positions are anointed in the Old Testament: Prophet, Priest and King and the three pointed to the Anointed One, Jesus.
And the cross is the ultimate act of prophecy, and is the perfect sacrifice of the highest demonstration of a King. Exodus has done Christ is the liberation of mankind from eternal death as a result of human separation from God, Christ’s work is already destroying the power of Satan is not just for Israel but for every nation in every generation who received his death will receive a new life.
There is no such deaths, deaths that destroy the shackles of sin and the sting of death, death that gives hope for the desperate, for the forgiveness of sin, and the future for the dying. He died for others, even for the whole world, that’s God’s gift to us.


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