Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu

Death Flesh

Once a year the high priest of Israel would leave the house with a heavy heart, to enter into the tent of meeting. The Jews were very careful in terms of preventing major impurity so that a priest was not allowed to sleep the night before he crossed the veil of the temple of God, while the other priests who continue to read the law to him so he will not, unintentionally, defame himself through dreams at night.
Allegorically when the time comes, the high priest would be careful to dip his finger in the warm blood of victims of goats or sheep and putting on her earlobe, thumb and heel-heels. Symbolically he is showing himself as a man who died so that he can draw close to God’s glory and stay alive, then he must take place brazier containing hot coals at the bottom.
Priest is going to take a handful of incense of perfume and put it on the fire, which then creates a thick smoke that smells fragrant. The priest will place the hearth beneath the veil and fanning the smoke filled the space until the Holy One, then he would lift the basic folds of the heavy veil and crawled into the room with fear and trembling Glory, accompanied with high hopes to get back to life.
Smoke that is the last protection system to protect the meat from the holiness of God, the priests from the lineage of Aaron, knowing that God is holy, while humans do not, they understand that the meat will soon perish if he met with the glory of God without a safety or sheathing.
From generation to generation, Christians have prayed to God to come closer to them but what God wanted was “If you want to know me, then all things must die first.” God can not visit the meat that is still alive because it earthly smell. He can only visit the meat of the dead, which is why repentance and smash the liver which is the concept of a parallel New Testament manifestation of God’s presence brings death becomes closer.
But maybe we are more often to avoid repentance because we never like to be the smell of death, to make our flesh to die is the hardest thing to do, because the joy will be all the fun things in this world often makes us forget that we’ve been invited by God to entered in the glory of God, through communion with the Holy Spirit.
Things that are loved by God and the things that we like are almost always two different things. As we often organize worship-worship service in such a way that it becomes a fun-worship of the human heart, fun our flesh, we are set to tickle the ears of people in the sermons that funny, even we want the church to have a high level of entertainment list, so they do not leave us.
No matter whoever we are, whatever we do or any church tradition that we hold, the only way to get through the veil that is through the death of our flesh. Death in a real repentance and smash the heart before God will allow Him to draw near to us, the Apostle Paul says in
1 Corinthians 13:12, “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then we shall see face to face. Now I know only imperfectly, but I’ll know it perfectly, like myself known. ”
At that time we will know who the Lord in full size, in the same manner also He knows who we are in full size, because nothing can live in His presence without holiness, the only thing that can keep perishable alive and standing in His presence the statement was dead meat the man who in repentance and fill it with a broken heart before God.


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