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The servant of God

begins in our minds, to become a maid or servant necessary mental changes, a change in our attitude. God is always interested in why we do things rather than on what we do. It is more meaningful than the achievement. King Amaziah lost God’s favor because “He did what was right in the eyes of God, just not with all my heart.” (2 Chronicles 25:2).

The servants think of others more than themselves, the servants prefer the others, not themselves, this is true humility: not thinking of ourselves less, but less thinking about ourselves, they miss out on their own . Paul says: “and let each person pays attention only to its own interests but the interests of others as well.” (Philippians 2:4).
When we stop focusing on our own needs, we will become aware of the needs around us. Jesus had emptied Himself, and took the form of a servant, when was the last time we had to empty ourselves for the good of others? We can not be a servant if we full of ourselves, only when we forget ourselves, then we do things which deserve to be remembered.

Many of our ministry is often a self-service, we serve so that others like us, so admired or so that we achieve our own goals, this is manipulation, not ministry. All the time we only think about ourselves about how interesting and outside of our usual. Some people try to use the service as a means of bargaining with God: “I’ll do this for thy God, if God did something for me.
Not a true servant who tries to use God for their purposes, but they let God use them for his purposes.

Thinking like a servant or servants is quite difficult because it challenged the fundamental problem of our selfishness, so that humility is a daily struggle that be a lesson that must be repeated many times to remember and we are given the option to decide between meeting our needs or the needs of others, here we can see that self-denial is the core of the service.
We can measure the servant heart in us through the way we respond when others treat us like servants, that is when we accept mediocrity, or when we ordered other people, or when we are treated as one who is not important. The Bible says: “And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain.” (Matthew 5:41). Maybe there are people who use us unfairly, please use the opportunity to train our lives as servants of God.

Sometimes the money has the greatest potential to replace God in our lives, more people not serve because materialime rather than because of other things. They said, “After I achieve my financial goals, I will serve God.” This is a wrong decision which will forever regret. Because if Jesus is the Master we are and we become His servant, the money will serve us, but when money becomes our master, we will become slaves.
Wealth is not a sin but failed to use it for the glory of God is sin. God uses money to test our faithfulness as a servant, how we manage our money affects how much God can bless our lives.

Not only should we be aware of money as a servant of God, but also the problem of competition among the servants of God, it hardly makes sense but it’s a lot happening in the ministry. We all are in a same team, our goal is to make God a priority number one in the life of every person, not the other way that made us number one.
There is no place for petty jealousy among the servants, when Martha complained to Jesus that Mary was not helping working, Martha servant in his heart lost. True waiter did not complain about injustice, and do not have a heart that self-pity, not hate those who did not serve, they only trust in God and keep serving God.

Our job is not the rate of other servants of God. The Bible says, “Who are you, that ye judge the servant of others? Entahkah he stands or he falls, it is his own master. “(Romans 14:4).
God uses us if we start acting and thinking like a servant, because people really happy except those who have learned how to serve God.


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