Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu


“For if ye forgive men, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive people, your Father will not forgive your mistakes. “(Matthew 6:14-15).
Forgiving means letting go of another person from an obligation which occurs when they are wrong to us, that liability may be material or emotional, a form of suffering or shameful thing. When we forgive, we accept the losses when we liberate others from slavery of sin material or emotional.
If we refuse to forgive, then we put ourselves in a spirit of slavery does not forgive, which is accompanied by tension, strife, stress, annoyance, disappointment and anxiety.
We’re probably using the excuse that people in our environment so badly that we can never forgive those who hurt us, but in reality we are actually able to forgive if we want to.
If we are not willing to forgive, then we are facing some serious problem.
Our unwillingness to forgive may be the result of greed. We may have been hurt, injustice has happened to us, what we want we do not receive, our egos soared at its peak we even look forward to the world comes to us and beg forgiveness before we are willing to forgive, which is in our minds that it is a mistake people others not our fault, we are not aware that we are temporarily living in a prison made out of emotion and we hope that will lead us in ruin, because of greed.
The second reason we are not willing to forgive the vanity, if there is pride in the liver, it is very difficult to be able to forgive, vanity prominent in our minds and said: “Look what they done by me, if I forgive them, people will think I am weak and has no establishment. “Arrogance is telling us any way reply to those who have hurt us.
Harbored anger in our hearts makes us feel as if entered into retaliation, in fact it’s only going to destroy us, the real trouble is when we intend to take revenge even if only in our minds, we have taken the responsibility that has been given to Christ, and Christ alone is He judge. At the appropriate time which has hurt us they will pay for their sins, “But thou, why dost thou judge thy brother? Or why do you despise your brother? For we must all face the seat of God. “(Romans 14:10).
We may have unwittingly let our identity intertwined with the events that we need to leave in the past, which is very painful even to think about it too sick, actually our true identity and the eternal present in our relationship with God through Christ. God wants to perform spiritual surgery, he would wipe out the bitterness and suffering we, indeed it would be painful but will heal. We will experience the joy and freedom that is available to us in Christ, as we forgive those who have done wrong to us and we will know that we have been forgiven if the negative feelings that is felt towards those who hurt us have gone missing , also we will find it easier to accept people who have hurt us without feeling the need to change them, we would be willing to accept what they are, even our concerns about other people’s needs will exceed our concerns about their actions to us.
We must engage with the process of forgiving others and find the real meaning of being free. If we want to persevere and still directs our eyes to Him who has forgiven us, then it will be a liberating force unequaled we’ve ever experienced.


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