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Men’s & Women’s equal?

Equality and similarity are two very different things. Men and women are different from each other, and we complement each other through their own quality of our own sexuality, both psychologically and physiologically. This fact underlies our true role different in society.
Fair if the feminist revolt against the assumption that women should refer to the role that has been destined for him from originally. For anyone making reference to it except the men? That the women felt obliged to refer, and it is some form of coercion to them by a society dominated by men.
Do not give up our culture women accept or fulfill their human needs to grow and fulfill the potential-potential as human beings.
It is a divine call to become a mother, and this calls demanding huge sacrifices, but not only that which became the only female calls, outside it there are many more forms that can be of service to society that women equally serious and unconditionally.
There are no instructions in the Bible that show seemed to suggest that women should not pursue a career or looking for a living alone or that women who are married have to do all the activities of shopping, cooking and cleaning while her husband stayed enjoy the results of her efforts to stand idly or that the baby is a special work exclusively reserved for women, and it is forbidden for men.
In Genesis, the Lord God said: “It is not good for man to be alone. I will make a helper for him, which is commensurate with it.” ….
Man gave names to all cattle, to the birds in the air and the beasts, the woods, but for himself he did not see commensurate with her rescuers. And the Lord God caused the man to sleep soundly, when he slept, the Lord God took one of his ribs and closed up its place with flesh. And from the ribs of the LORD God had taken from man, built in whom a woman, and brought her to the man (Genesis 2:18-22).
Genesis chapter two is explained that the match does not mean a similar, but each content-filling.
Are complementary but different combinations of commensurate, this is what makes us difficult to defend. But the second part it is not endless mash, which is part of one another. Because men and women are equal (based on the creation and in Christ), because they are complementary so there can be no question of similarity with each other.
Furthermore, this double truth sharpen our vision of male-female relationships and the role of each, because they are created by God with equal dignity, then the men and women must be mutual respect, love, serve and not hate each other because they were created as a complementary complementarity, then the men and women must recognize their differences and do not try to destroy or seize another characteristic of each.
Women are not created from man’s head so that he headed, nor from his feet to be trampled upon by him, but from the side so that side by side with him, under his arm to be protected, and near to the heart to be loved.
Equality of men and women are enforced by the creation (Genesis Article 2) but then destroyed by the Fall (Genesis Chapter 3), and enforced by the salvation is in Christ Jesus (New Testament).
And thus men and women are absolutely equal in terms of value before God, both created by God in the likeness of God, is equally justified by grace through faith, are equally experienced regeneration by the Holy Spirit poured out and shared an heir of the grace of God in Christ Jesus.


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