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The loss of morals in society

Moral (Latin Morality) is a term called human to human or other person in the act of having a positive value. Humans who have no morals called amoral and immoral means he has no positive value in the eyes of other humans. So the moral is the absolute thing that must be possessed by humans. Is explicitly moral matters relating to the socialization process of individuals without a moral man can not make the process of socialization. Moral of today have an implicit value because many people who have moral or immoral behavior from a narrow perspective. That moral nature which is taught in schools and people should have the moral if he wants to be respected by others. Moral is the value of the absolutan in social life intact. Assessment of the moral culture is measured from the local community. Moral is the act / behavior / greeting someone in her interactions with humans. if a person does it in accordance with the prevailing sense of value in society and be accepted as well fun with their communities, then that person is considered to have good morals, and vice versa, Morality is a product of culture and religion.
Moral is a state of mind, feeling, speech, and human behavior associated with the values of good and bad.
Every form of politics must have a moral basis, namely a set of beliefs and values are being complied with. What binds the community is the belief that we are all going to regulate our actions according to moral and religious framework of a mutually agreed upon. But moral and religious framework of this joint gradually been eroded.
Today many people believe that human beings can create their own standards, that ethics is just a matter of individual feelings and choices. But if ethics is derived into a feeling of dignity, moral ties which unite the people would just disappear. People no longer have standards of behavior agreed with that, they no longer knew what to expect from others then we will see the emergence of a sense of mistrust and hostility in society.
Christians have an obligation to bring the transcendental moral values in public debate. We can see that laws are rules to regulate human behavior, from the standpoint of the State law is to uphold the truth or prove the fault of human behavior. Therefore most of the law has moral implications. The presence of the kingdom of God in society means that the presence of a community of people whose lives have become witnesses of law behind the law.
They reject relativism, believing that some things right and some things wrong, and hold on universal ethical norms, thus the presence of Christians in society became a strong fortress to defend legal sanity, and the kingdom of God is more than just a model. Kingdom of God really operate as human control over the kingdom through his people and through the most visible manifestations of his church.
The Church is the main institution with moral authority to mediate between the individual and the State, to require accountability for the implementation of State obligations towards its citizens, because when the State forget or deny the values into the original terms of the contract, in essence, it violates the contract with its citizens, because that’s the church must take the initiative and requested the State responsibility.
This is the point where the conflict between the two kingdoms to be strongest. Government naturally seek power and are always trying to find his own moral legitimacy to its decisions. Inevitably, which appeared in history, the result of government efforts to impose his own moral vision on society or to act without independent control of consciences then we’ll see a tyranny.
Duty to disseminate the moral vision is not solely lie in the government but at other institutions in society, especially churches.
When the State overstep the limits of authority, religion becomes the only effective source of moral stamina and the church do this not with the aim to become an institution on earth but for the common good. When we say Jesus is Lord will be a serious threat to totalitarian regimes everywhere, the church has undergone many brutal attacks, among others, the closure-closure-burning and burning churches throughout the world, oppression is precisely centered on church involvement in community .
Jesus did not come to establish a political kingdom but a statement about the kingdom of God has had profound consequences for the political situation. When Jesus said to Pilate, “My kingdom is not of this world,” Pilate probably breathed in relief. But he should think again, whichever is more threatening for a ruler: an external enemy forces with a powerful but invisible, or the king who ruled the human soul immortal? Options that can compromise both the desire and love, demanded absolute obedience, to give unlimited power to the slave-servants, and radically change the lives and values which they embrace.
That is why the kingdom of God has made a huge impact on the most powerful kingdom of men, though in every era.
Through these people are aware of their authority and live by ethics, the kingdom of God changed the direction of history, decided a vicious circle of violence, injustice, and selfishness, which can not be changed in other ways.


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