Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu

Emergency channel ….

“Cry to Me in time of trouble, I will be delivering thee, and thou shalt glorify Me.” (Psalm 50:15).
Heaven has an emergency channel twenty-four hours, God wants us to ask for His help to overcome the challenges or trials that are before us, when the temptation to hit maybe we do not have time for lengthy conversations with God, we can only call upon Him with the unspoken complaint.
David, Daniel, Peter, Paul and millions of others ever raise these kinds of quick prayer for help in deep trouble.
The Bible guarantees that our cry for help will be listened to, because Jesus cares about our struggles. He faced the same temptations as we are, He understands our weaknesses, because He faced the same temptations we face, only he has not sinned.

If God kept waiting to help us overcome temptation, why not turn to him more often? honestly, sometimes we do not want to be helped, we sometimes want to give in to temptation even though we know it is wrong, then we think we know better what is best for us.

At other times we’re embarrassed to ask God to help us, perhaps because we feel unworthy before God with a long list of sins that even in piles that never existed settlement with the Lord, therefore we continue to give in to the same temptation over and over again.
But our God, the God of his extraordinary generosity, his patience, he is always waiting for us to come back to Him.
Word of God says: “Therefore let us with courage the throne of grace, that we may receive mercy and find grace to get our help in time.” (Hebrews 4:16).

Love of God is eternal, and His patience remains forever. If we have cried out asking God’s help two hundred times a day to overcome certain temptations, God will still be happy to give mercy and grace, so come with boldness. Ask him the power to do the right things and then believe and hope that He gave.

Trials will make us depend on God when we realize that He is our helper, as the roots grow stronger when wind blew a tree, so also when we face a growing temptation we are rooted in Him, then we will see miracles from the storm of temptation that we face we will stand firm to be more like Jesus.

Every temptation is our opportunity to do good, and God had never closed the channels of his emergency room on line one time twenty-four hours for us to access and there are voices that will say “blessed are those who endure temptation, because if he had test stand, he will receive the crown of life promised by God to those who love Him. “(James 1:12).

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