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Marriage without loyalty and forgiveness?

Does finished a wedding without the loyalty? What if the best we can get from our partners is the sentence; “I’m trying to live right, but do not count on that.”
Marriage will never succeed, we will be filled with uncertainty, if we can not rely on the loyalty of our partners. Maintenance of our relationship depends on the size of their loyalties, our loyalty, and especially the fidelity of God.
Faithfulness of God is very important to save our marriage, think about it. How can we, individuals who are weak and limited as they are, can see all the uncertainties of life in front of us and said, “I’ll make one thing is sure: loyalty to my partner?” We can not possibly do that, at least not with our strength alone.
Loyalty as a jewel with many facets, revealing a complex combination of dimensions related to each other like: trust, commitment, truth, loyalty, respect, and attention. However, our loyalty to each other can only be maintained with the example of God’s faithfulness to us. When a man and woman engaged to each other, God’s fidelity to their promises, and it helps the couple keep the faith.

There is no other way to over-emphasize the importance of loyalty in the character of God. It is found in every part of the Bible-from Genesis, where God began to make his pledge allegiance to Revelation, Great is God’s faithfulness, even when we do not believe, God remains faithful, “because he can not deny Himself. Covenant faithfulness of God, manifested in the spouses, a resting place for the restless heart. He received all of our souls, saying, “I believe you, and devote myself to you in hard and happy.”
Without the loyalty and trust, the marriage will not last, because no single partner could have a strong belief in their own loyalties and their respective first until they know God’s faithfulness to them.

Also there must be forgiveness in a marriage because forgiveness is the heart of marriage. Two people living together day to day existence is always tripping by each, are bound to cause injury, sometimes make mistakes, sometimes not, and if forgiveness is not given to cleanse the soul of marriage, the punishment would fall on the marriage. Pain will increase steadily, until finally we blame our partners not only for what they did wrong, but also because of our failure to forgive them. This is a dangerous zone.

Human forgiveness was never designed to be administered on a large scale, of forgiveness in marriage can only give the results when attention focused on what our partners, not on themselves. The best thing you can do is to forgive each pair certain actions, Trying to forgive with the full freedom of our own business is a stupid thing. No one can do other than God.
We are often too burdensome forgiveness when we try to forgive our spouse because they do not become partners as we want, in this case we need encouragement, empathy, patience, and hope, but for ordinary people, the forgiveness of the great ways to be submitted to God for the forgiveness of God which strengthens our ability to forgive our spouse, as we forgive our spouse, we reveal the love of God to him, free from condemnation.

Human forgiveness refers to divine forgiveness. Love our partners as loving ourselves is probably the only step that will wholeheartedly we do to meet the love of God. Such measures, of course, would never have occurred without the grace of God that enable it.
While many marriages are cultivated, with no consciousness to rely on the help of God, for us in the Christianity there is no partnership, which means no touch the secret of God’s grace constantly on the soul of our marriage.


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