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Copper Sea

There is a special sense in the Word of God to the believer who was raised as Jews. In the Old Testament, in the Tabernacle there was a large basin made of copper called laver, in the Temple of Solomon, this is called Copper Sea / Sea Cast (Bronze Sea). 15 feet in diameter and holds approximately 8000 gallons of water for the priests for washing (2 Chronicles 4).

Washing vessel made of copper was placed in a special place in both the Tabernacle and the Temple. His position was among the worshipers, and all the other parts of the Tabernacle and give meaning to the cleaning. The worshipers are required to wash themselves before being allowed to worship, in Exodus 30:17-21, God commanded Moses to make a rule for the priesthood are associated with the laver of copper.

The priests are required to wash their hands and feet before they can serve before the Lord. Hands and their feet like hands and feet, are the parts that have touched things in this world there. Hands and feet is the symbol of our openness to the world the place where we live, which is filled with sin and the fall.
On days when the Israelites to worship God in the Tabernacle and in the Temple, the priests have to go through a washing ritual before they are allowed to serve God for the benefit of the people of Israel. They should do it without one if no judgments will come and they will die.
Word of the Lord say: “When they entered the tent of meeting, they should wash their hands and feet with water, so they do not die. Likewise, if they come to the altar to minister and to burn incense fire-fire to the LORD, they should wash their hands and feet, so they do not die. That is what should be a provision for them and for all, for him and for his descendants from generation to generation “(Exodus 30:20).
Cleaning by water and the Word of God does not just happen to be the salvation experience but must occur continuously.

We need constant washing of the Word of God to keep us keep us clean and pure from sin and all the influences of this world is to experience fullness of life Jesus within us. Our service to others should be with clean hands and pure hearts in order to glorify the name of God because God showed strong condemnation of the death of the priest who was not washing no exception to those of us who have known the truth of God’s Word.

In the same way, God calls us to keep us alive free of “Death” spiritual happened because we did not do the routine washing by the Word of God. We must be disciplined in reading and contemplation of the Word of God every day to be cleaned and receive life and spiritual strength.
Biblical principle that whatever is in the spiritual life of a leader (head of family) can be imitated by his followers, if the community in clean, filled with life and power of the Word of God, anointed by the Holy Spirit, they will be able to serve families, churches… even the world in extraordinary ways.


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