Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu

Mount Decision

We can be satisfied with the burning bush and rejoice in our first encounter with a supernatural God. We can be satisfied with the revelation tablets carved by hand and the wisdom of God and everything else that God’s doing.

But now we have arrived at the mountain’s decision, we are at the “crossroads”. God has pulled us out of sin and the world.
He has united us into a people. That’s really the journey in the wilderness, God created a people of “the people who do not mean”. :
1 Peter 2:10 says: “you who once were not God’s people, but which now has become his people, who were not of mercy but now have obtain mercy”. God raised slaves and servants who do not have a rough education and self-esteem and instill his own character into themselves and put his name on them.

He brought them out of Egypt and said, “now I’ll make you all be my people.” He literally created the bride for him. God led the descendants of Abraham to the foot of Mount Sinai, and it was not easy, when the crowd needed food, God wants them to look for him to get bread for them, but instead they just berate Moses and said it is better to return to Egypt.

However, Moses prayed and God provided “manna and quails’ The same thing happens when they run out of water, they immediately discredit Moses to express grievances and to speak” how well the days of the past “which they spent in Egypt. God has something better for the people of Israel.
The sad truth in The Book of the output is that the diverse people of that led to the Mount Sinai is not a group of people whom he led across the Jordan River into the promised land. God called them and made them into a nation the first time in their history, he summoned them to a place. A place of blessing and their changes, which in fact they do not want to go.

The blessings they do not consist of places where rocky, but the Lord called them a little market where the treaty in him, a place of intimacy with their creator, who at that time was not offered to anyone else on this planet. It is a secret from the secret place.
Although the first generation of Israel that had gathered around the mountain believed ultimately to the scouts are a coward and retreat from the promised land because of fear, but the real cause of their failure occurs when they are at the foot of Mount Sinai. God meant for all the people of Israel came up to him on the mountain, but they feel uncomfortable.

Exodus 20:18 says: “The whole nation is watching thunder thunder, lightning continued-risk one, trumpets sounded and the mountain smoking. So the nation was frightened and trembling, and they stood afar off. They said to Moses: “You are talking to us, then we will listen, but let not God speak with us, lest we die.” But Moses said unto the people: “Fear not, for God has come with the intention to try you, and with the intent to fear him is in you, that ye sin not.” As the nation stood at a distance, but Moses went near a black dew in which God exists.”

They heard the lightning and thunder, and they retreated out of fear, they fled from his presence and not advanced as that of Moses. So the end result of their escape from the sacred intimate relationship with God is that they die before they or their children into the promised land. This is not God’s plan for the first generation of Israelites to die in the wilderness, he wanted to bring those who had brought him out of the land of slavery to the promised land.

He wants to give their land and their own heritage. Their destruction came when they looked across the Jordan to the promised land and began to retreat, they retreated from the presence of God in the clouds on Mount Sinai. That’s where they ran from God and demanded Moses stood between them, the church has suffered the same problem since then. We would prefer if there was someone standing between us and God, we have a something that is inspired from Hell, the human fear of the holy intercourse with God.
The root of this fear back as far back as the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve hid themselves in fear of embarrassing while God missed a sweet fellowship.

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