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Anointing of God

When the anointing of God came upon men, it makes everything flow well. A clear picture of the anointing and the meaning of the Bible is found in the Book of Esther.
When Esther was prepared for his presentation before the King of Persia, he was required to go through purification of one year in which he repeatedly shoved into the fragrant anointing oil of his scent. One year in preparation for the encounter with a king who only last night.
A logical advantage with respect to immerse themselves in the scented oils that when any male close to Esther will think or say, unusual, smells really good, however, Esther is not giving them the opportunity to do so with the same reason we should not be carried away with praise from the human pursuit.
The purpose of the anointing is not to make people like us, but to make the King like us. It is far more important that the king allow us than the people who allow us. David anointed by God long before he was appointed king of God’s people, David would rather please God than man fun.

We have often contaminate the anointing of God, we may often be prepared for him and immerse themselves in the anointing of His glorious, but then we do is to flaunt it in front of people! in the end we flirt, flirting his way into the room the King and never got into it because persuaded by other people who are lovers of the lower.
We must remember that the King we would not have things dirty, only virgins who deserve to be His. We pollute the anointing of God when we say, it was a good sermon, or song was beautiful and we are giving attention and glory to man, we’d rather pleasant meat, often our worship service, set to please people.

Anointing of the Lord clearly doing great things in our lives and break the yoke of oppression that, when Esther entered the king woman’s house, he was awarded the oil and soap for purification, and he must comply with the process set to change the country girl became a queen, a lot of we only accept the good, the beautiful fragrant, unusual from God but to walk in obedience process we fail we will not submit to God in the process. There is always a revolt in our accompaniment to him, but through a process where there is patience and obedience, we can enjoy the great blessing of him that is an encounter with Him in the glory of God tour.

The anointing is not to make us sound good, or look good or smell the fragrance for the crowds but the intention is primarily the anointing is to give to our king room fragrances. Foul-smelling flesh in front of God and the anointing makes us the approval by the King. This is a process conducted by the Lord to help us move from the flesh to glory.


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