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Worshipers Face

Matthew 17:2 Then Jesus was transfigured before their eyes; His face shining like the sun and his clothes became white as light shines. The relationship between the face and worship more than just a coincidence, our faces are part of our body most clearly seen by the public.

He is less subtle as the other, is also part of the most easily recognized than other parts of our body. Book our school report cards will not be filled with those legs, but with photographs of their faces. God wants to take our faces, the most open to the public and the most easy to remember, and use it to reflect his goodness.
Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 3:18 “And we all reflect God’s glory with faces that are not covered. And because of the glory that comes from God who is Spirit, then we changed to a picture similar to his, in which the greater glory. “We do not cover Front cover and reflect the brilliance of our Lord Jesus … we are continuously modified to become like him. As time passed we became more brilliant. Brilliance is from the Spirit, and Spirit is God.
God invites us to see his face so that he can change our faces, he uses our faces veiled not to show his glory, the change is not easy but the Lord was pleased we could change the face of His children. By concerns fingers removed. The image of shame and doubt into the picture of generosity and trust. He flexed taut chin and forehead smoothed a wrinkle. Touches him eliminate fatigue circles under the eyes and change the desperate tears into tears of peace.

How? through worship! God’s plan was so simple to change our face through worship. King David’s definition of worship: Psalm 43:3 “Make thy light and thy faithfulness to come, so I was led and taken to the mountains thy holy and to thy dwelling place!” Worship, worship is the act of bringing up the name of God to expand the view we are from Him.
Sign in to cockpit to see where God dwells and see him work, of course, his size has not changed, but our perception of him has changed, when we get closer It look bigger. Do not we have a big problem, a big concern and maybe a big question? Therefore we need a great view of God worship gave it our fellowship with God to make our vision expanded and our faces glow.

The excited faces and beaming is a sign of someone who had been standing before God. Exodus 34:35 “If the people of Israel saw the face of Moses, that Moses’ face glowing skin, then Moses covered his face again until he came face to talk with the Lord”. Business God is changing the face of the world, this change is the work He’s not our job. Our goal is not to make our faces glow. Even Jesus did not do that. Matthew 17:2 says: “Jesus was transfigured,” not “Jesus changed his way”.

Our goal is to stand before God with a ready heart and let God do his work. And he did it, he wiped tears, was softening forehead full of wrinkles, he touched our cheeks, he changed the face of us as we worship Him there even more, that God not only changed the face of those who worship, he also changing the face of those who observe us worship.


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