Terang Tuhan Bersinar Bagimu


Once upon a time in mainland China have succeeded in becoming a member of a royal orchestra, although he can not play the flute. Every time the orchestra was playing, he put the flute to his mouth and pretended to play even if not issued any one sound. He got a salary, although not too big and enjoy a decent life.

Then at one time to ask the emperor interested solos from each player orchestra, the flute player to be nervous, he was malingering, but physicians do not be fooled emperor. On the day he had to face the king to play a solo, he drank poison and died. He refused to reveal the deception he preferred to die to solve the problem. Some of us who live a lie, some of us who walk in the dark shadows.

The lie of Ananias and Sapphira cause death, they sold a parcel of land and half the proceeds donated to the church. They lied to Peter and the Apostles by saying that the land was sold for the amount they donated. Their sins were not for set aside some money for himself but for not telling the truth. Fraud they end in death. Luke writes: “So all the people believed it and other people, who heard about the incident, be afraid” (Acts 5:11).

The results of fraud are still over into death, not physical death but death would be intimacy, trust, peace, prosperity, credibility and dignity. But perhaps the most poignant death caused by fraud is our witness if God will use us as a witness if we do not speak according to truth?
So it is with our lies. Some of us who buried a marriage, a spouse lied, part of our conscience hide because we want to get more than others but the expense of others and even a large part of our faith hidden to a tolerance that is not pleasing to the Lord all just because we do not want to tell the truth.
If we are faithful in small things, He will trust us with the things that big.
Matthew 25:21 “So his master said to him: Well done, my good servant and faithful; you have been faithful in small matters, I will give you responsibility in a large case. Enter into the joy of your master. ”
Do we have a problem, where we are temporarily considered to reveal the truth?
God is always telling the truth, when he made a deal he will deliver. If he makes a statement, he holds to that statement. And if he says the truth, we can trust him. What he says is true. “If we are unfaithful, He remains faithful, for He can not conflict with himself” (2 Timothy 2:13).

At the moment we do not honestly ask ourselves, whether God will bless my fraud? Did He who hates lies will bless strategy built on a lie? Does God, who loved the truth, will bless the business that was built with lies? Will God appreciates a manipulator? Will God help the liar? Will God bless lack of my honesty?
Check our hearts, ask ourselves whether we are honest with our spouses and our children? Do we have the truth? If not, start today!
Do not wait until tomorrow because of the ripple lies today, tomorrow will be a wave of fraud that will bring a flood of death in the future.


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