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Dark night of Jesus…

The worst night of Jesus marked a crisis for the crisis, at first he did not see the prayer answered. Jesus had just apply very sad to God. “And he went a little farther, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt”. (Matthew 26:39).

When it was not to pray in an atmosphere of calm and quiet, according to Matthew, Jesus “felt sad and anxious” (Matthew 26:37), the Master “fell to the ground” and called out to God. Luke tells us that Jesus “suffered” and “Sweat like blood dripping onto the ground” (Matthew 22:44).
Jesus’ prayer was not answered, whether the God who has cattle on a thousand hills, will refuse to give something to the children of his own? that’s what happened that night. Jesus had to face the problem of prayer is not granted and it was only the beginning of the struggle to be faced later on that later “along with Judas, came too many people who carry swords and clubs.

They were told by the chief priests and the elders … and then the crowd came forward and arrested Jesus “(Matthew 25:47, 52). Judas comes with an angry mob, the mass was carrying yet another crisis. Jesus did not just have to face the prayer is answered, but he also had to deal with services that do not bring results. It is precisely those who He came to save now come arrest him.

Perhaps in the shadow of our Judas led a dozen soldiers or fewer, and they took a two-lanterns, but Matthew says that “many people” came to arrest Jesus. John even more specifically, the term used is the Greek word speira or “an army” (John 18:3). Least speira describe the forces of two hundred soldiers. This word can also describe a detachment of one thousand nine hundred soldiers.
John’s picture of speira would be more appropriate if the human flow imagine the kind of form a few hundred soldiers into the garden, plus a number of spectators or the countless people, who by Matthew just called “the people” then we can describe a bunch of people many come into the park.

From a bunch of people that no one wants to defend Jesus, he has helped so many people in the cases of magic which he did, but who would dare claim that he is innocent, nothing! possible mob did not know to do more than just watching because their contact with Jesus was so short but what about the students? they even know more about Jesus.
Drugs most bitter to swallow Jesus is “Treason is almost unbelievable from the students of his” so Judas is not the only traitor, Matthew admitted: “But all this happened so that there is even written by the prophet – prophet. Then all the disciples left Him and fled “. (Matthew 26:56). And what Peter said earlier: “Although I should die with thee, I will not deny you.” (Matthew 26:35).

All the promises will be loyal, but this all away, what we see is treason. Followers of his have been away from Him, the crowd had rejected Him, and God does not hear him then we can imagine what that must be met Jesus that night.
From the human perspective, Jesus’ world collapsed. No answer from heaven, no help from the people, there is no loyalty from friends of his. Jesus as high as the neck of the garbage so we can describe his situation but what we see Jesus differently! He is not oblivious to the trash, but he saw something else bigger than a garbage wrapped his body.

Conscious or not we are living in the world of garbage, trash unwanted into our lives on a regular basis. We have prayers answered no, there are dreams that do not bear fruit betrayals, too unbelievable, and maybe we never left the garbage bag full of accidents and hurt, what shall we do with all that?


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