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First Decree

“And you shall teach it over and over again to your children and talk about them when you sit in your house, if you’re on the way, when you lie down and when you wake up.” (Deuteronomy 6:7)

A school teacher was exasperated to hear a child singing a song his students with the wrong notation. Then, because he was also an art teacher’s voice, she attempted to correct the student. She told the child that the way he sang it wrong, not like the notes that should be when the song was composed.

At first the boy’s heart denied and insisted that what he sang was true, because according to what is taught by his parents. Teachers are trying to convince and show that there are note songbooks, and gives examples of singing it properly. Finally, the boy realized that what he was singing it wrong all this time, and he would learn to sing the song correctly. Children were followed every note of the book and tried to sing properly.
After repeatedly trying and struggling, this child finally began to correct the mistakes. But oddly, after he resided for a while, then try again singing that song, so he returned to sing like the first, the wrong, and difficult to correct to the right. Need to struggle again to remember again how to sing the right. This is the problem “The first decree” or better known as the “first-decree” (FD).

“The first decree of Education” is so important in educating and teaching our children. However, this theme is very little discussed and understood, especially by parents and the educational beings. Even when mentioned, few parents or educators who understand what is meant by “first decree” or “first decree” education. As if this can be ignored, and ignored, because of the assumption can be processed education teachers at will.

What is First Decree (FD)?

First Decree is the first instruction received by a (child), which is embedded, that is a fundamental concept or truth for himself. The smaller the child, the more added to the FD. As it so many truths new to him, which eventually form the paradigm of life. Examples of such teaching singing at the beginning of this paper is the most frequently experienced by a child. But not only that. If a child is told that the green color is blue and the blue color is green, it will be difficult to correct the misconception that color later in adulthood.

Each time was told that it was not green, but blue, he would say yes, but not long he will be back again call it a green color. It took a hard struggle to truly change and return to what is right.

The Importance of First Decree

First, FD is very influential on the entire life of someone, because it will form a paradigm of life. Many people underestimate the FD, because it is considered commonplace. People either sing, for most people, is not considered serious. Especially in the postmodern era as now, the spirit of relativity and the non-accurately characterize pragmatic society. Humans do not want to struggle to find the truth accurately, and satisfied with what he considered right, even if it does not
true. As a result, he was easily deceived, because it was not used again to search for things that are true and accurate.

Second, who is also very problematic, FD errors are often related to a central aspect of life, such as the problematic of faith (believe) and approach (approach). Two aspects of this is a very serious thing. When the kids at school are taught that all religions are equal, no need differentiated, then he will grow into a relativist and humanist.
He no longer see that every religion is unique, and every religion must have an element of truth claims as absoluteness. So maybe all religions are not equal. Here people are duped paradigm since childhood. As a result, when someone says, “we should really seriously sort out and choose religion or faith,” he will soon show of opposition and dislike. Very difficult to change the basic concepts like this. FD lot invested in one to one, which ultimately makes person easy to fall into sin, or easy to be deceived by the wicked, or very difficult to understand the truth of God’s word.

Third, as has been mentioned in the first and second points, we can immediately see that the FD is so important, because it’s not about one single issue, but will affect other people, because what we put in will be in self-confidence in him, and he will use it to convince anyone else.
A person who got the wrong education in childhood, then he will take it as truth, and he will convince others of it. A man who from childhood taught that there is no God, then he will try to convince others, that there is no God. This forced him to do, because he did not want what he believes ultimately proved wrong. So he will do my best to make everyone agree with his understanding, which is actually wrong.

First Planting Decree on Child
Once we realize the importance of investment in children, especially FD, then we need to think about some things in it.

Childhood is a very productive time to catch all the knowledge and understanding. Important concepts in human life starting from childhood. That is where a child’s life to build the entire paradigm of the future. So, the experts agree that the age of “toddler” (under five years), is a very crucial time to instill values in children. But not just the values, Christian faith to see the importance of instilling faith itself. True faith is the absolute base desperately needed by the child to be the compass of his life. If the base is placed his faith to himself, for life he would destroy himself.

1. Planting the right FD to the child will build his integrity intact. This is very important in the growth of children working in accordance with God’s truth. We believe, if one is built with the idea that pragmatic and worldly, it is in itself is a “factor of destruction” (defeating factor) that will blow him in one day in his life.

Life is waking up in the truth of the Word will make the whole life will be better integrated. Living in such a will to build morality and noble life in the future. The Bible records how Moses from the small educated by his mother with the Word, so he was not shifting his faith when he became the adopted son of Pharaoh’s daughter (Tong, 1991, pp. 21).
In the life of the church, a child who woke up with a good FD will be very easy on grow, because they do not experience too much conflict within him. A child who is built with the wrong FD, will experience the conflict to bring back the truth, and the struggle required to make corrections. This is what many experienced by each of us as believers, who have teaching or planting the wrong FDs in the past.

2. A child that we planted with a good FD, will greatly save time to grow. There are a lot of time wasted in the growth of a person when he had a lot of concepts to correct the wrong. It was sometimes still have to deal with many obstacles, due to the difficulties of people who want to correct or help him.

Role of Parents and Teachers
Two important roles in the planting of the FD is the parents and teachers. God gave the responsibility of the task is very hard for parents to instill the concepts of truth of God’s Word to children from an early age. The Word of God in the beginning of this paper to teach parents must how intense teach the word of truth to the children. They must understand the truth from an early age. If they are taught the wrong thing, would be very difficult and takes a very hard struggle to correct the truth.

It is unfortunate that today, the second important role is so much neglected. Many parents with no sense of guilt to leave the task of planting the FD to the maid or the nurse who cares for her child. He did not see that the FD will affect investment lifetime, while the maid one day would leave him and never responsible for what he planted. A philosopher and educator extraordinary (Prof. Nicholas Wolterstroff, Ph.D., ed.) Testified, “… so
experience the beauty of planting the Christian life in such a pious family, the basis of one’s life throughout his life then. “(Wolterstroff, 2002, pp. 10-11)

Similarly, so many teachers who think that he is seeking only a mouthful of rice (and a bowl of diamonds-ed.), Sharing the knowledge he knew no accountability of how he was working on a human person, which would bring the concept of her life. As if the task of teachers is just one of many other professions.

Parents and teachers must fully realize that the task of planting the FD is good and right is a huge responsibility that God has entrusted to you. This task is so noble as to form a paradigm, character, and especially the faith of the children that God has entrusted to us.
A Sunday school teacher who truly love and educate children well, until he was loved by the children, surely he would not be a servant of God that failed (Tong, 1991, p. 19). A good teacher, must be remembered and respected by his students later. Pastor. Dr. Stephen Tong stressed that a good teacher is that he himself has become a disciple of truth (Tong, 1993, p. 69).

If all this time we do not care about the First Decree, perhaps because of lack of knowledge and understanding of the importance of this task, we would now be more seriously think about and apply in our education. If we’ve not really care about the importance of accuracy of the truth and let all pragmatic, now we need to start thinking that the truth must be distinguished from the untruth. We must instill the FD of the most true, accurate, in accordance with the Word of God. Like Pastor. Dr. Stephen Tong pointed out, “the truth is not knowledge, but the power” (Tong, 1993, pp. 41).

If all this time we do not see the importance of the role of parents and teachers to instill FD, now we need to repent and turn to make amends we earnestly working on this noble calling in Christian education calls right.

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